Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal

It's been raining an awful lot in California and holy cow the people are still ungrateful. Typical.

So before everyone gets all disappointed, I didn't take too many pictures this week mostly because I was sick for about a third of the week.

Ok so this week was long yet short, another one of those. We had a little 9 year old girl baptized this week which was great, we had been teaching her and she got baptized, woo! So that was my first convert baptism ever.

I just realized there's only two more weeks of this transfer left, holy cow. Transfers are on the 5th for us, and I find out the Sunday before if I'm leaving and where I'd go of o leave. To be honest I would love to leave Corning. Which probably means I'm staying. Oh well.

Anyway, this week we picked up another investigator (which doesn't happen ever so I'm excited). Her name is Melissa and she has a little
6 year old girl named Anita. She is a sweetie. We started teaching Melissa's mom and now Melissa has a ton of questions. We helped them make a birthday cake for Melissa this week which was fabulous.
Sometimes it's really nice to be around regular people and not just Mormons all day. It reminds you that people have different morals and opinions.

We went on exchanges again on Saturday, I stayed in Corning this time with Sister Myers and Sister Mackay went to Redbluff. It was a weird day, sister Myers and I woke up feeling icky so we slept in a bit.
Sunday it turns out I have some kind of stomach bug and my stomach is in knots. I can walk, but we've been taking it easy the last couple of days. Hopefully it will go away before Christmas.

I am so pumped to skype my family for Christmas, you people have no clue how excited I am. I love my family more than anything.

 It wasn't a really eventful week. Friday was kind of a rough day, all our appointments cancelled on us so we tried contacting some less actives and former investigators. No luck, and we got yelled at a couple of times. Later that evening we were trying to get into anyone's home, and we knocked on a members door and she let us in.
Definitely a tender mercy for both of us. Be that member. If the missionaries randomly knock on your door, let them in. Talk to them.
Get to know them. Feed them cookies. Those are the best kind of members.

Oh I also played a piano piece on Sunday, I played an arrangement of Far Far Away on Judeas plains and everyone loved it. I'm glad I can share my talent with so many people all at one time.

I've seen a lot of autistic kids lately for some reason. I love autistic kids. They are so adorable.

The spirit of Christmas is a very real thing. I love it. I love that it is so tangible to so many people. I'm glad I was able to share some Christmas cheer to so many people. It's amazing how when people think of Christ, they become kinder. That's why people are nicer this time of year, it's because Christ is prevalent in more and more people's thoughts. We are going to a members house all day for Christmas. This member has 6 kids so this should be fun. We're also going to a members house for Christmas Eve, her family is throwing a party. I'm being taken care of this Christmas, that's for sure.

I love you all very much. You are all in my prayers. Merry Christmas to each and every one of you.


Sister Ginn

Maggie would be jealous!

Love the Snowmen!

Cute Sister MacKay

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Home sick but Happy at Christmas

So this week was a week filled with Christmas and things of that sort.
First off can I just tell you all that my mission president is the bomb diggity. I write him every p-day and I told him straight up how I was feeling last Monday: homesick as all get out. So what does he do?
HE RESPONDS AND MAKES ME FEEL TEN TIMES BETTER. So he is just as homesick as I am, if not more, cause he has all these grandbabies and kids back home in Utah that he can't go spend Christmas with. SO HE KNOWS. HE UNDERSTANDS. Yeah that made a big difference in my week.

Anyway, so this week we have been trying our hardest to use the Christmas initiative. We have given out a lot of pass along cards and did our best to show the new Christmas video, A Savior is Born. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it. It's only 2 minutes long so it won't take up forever of your life. We honestly haven't had too much success with it. Either people are not home for the holidays or they don't care about Jesus. Ok. That's fine. The point is I feel good at the end of the day cause I tried. So there.

So Friday was a great day, we saw this recent convert named Marisela who has the cutest little boy in the world named Calvin. We played with him mostly, it almost made me like children haha. Later on that day we had the Ward Christmas party (pictures below) and woah it was a blast. I ate so much food guys. Holy heck. They had a Christmas nativity scene and I was asked to play the piano for it, so I did.
Everyone enjoyed and since it wasn't in the chapel people could clap.
So there's that. It makes me feel good that I can spread some Christmas cheer through my talent of playing the piano. That night we saw another recent convert who has yet another absolutely adorable son named Erik who is three and I want ten of him when I have kids oh wow, I normally don't like children but Friday was a day full of me actually liking kids.

Okay so here's something I have learned as a missionary: I will never, EVER, cancel an evening appointment on the missionaries unless someone in my family has died. Because let me tell you, trying to find someone to talk to at 8:30 at night SUCKS. these last few nights we have been trying to talk to people but they actually get angry at us because it's so late at night. Ok well you know what any time is a good time to talk about Jesus. Sometimes I forget that people actually have lives and do things that are normal, like sleep at 8:30 at night.
Can't wait until I can do that again <3 13="" months="" more="" p="" people="">

Not too much has happened this week. We found a couple of investigators, but we aren't sure they are emotionally stable so I don't know if we're going back to see them again or not.

We had exchanges Saturday, I went to redbluff with sister Wall and sister Mackay stayed in Corning. Exchanges are pretty much just normal missionary days. No huge miracles happen on exchanges. I prefer leaving the area I'm over so I don't have to worry about anything.
Sister Wall has only been out in the mission for two months. All of the people I've been companions with have been out way longer than me so it was kind of nice to have been out longer than someone.

Sunday was a good/emotional day. I think Sunday's are the days I miss home the most. Sister Mackay and I were asked to speak, and next Sunday I am playing a musical number. Fun right? Well, we both decided to speak on Christmas. During my talk I of course started to cry, haaaa not ok, and then I couldn't stop crying pretty much all day. I miss home. There's nothing else for it. But I feel like I am closer to my savior this time of year because I can't be close to my family.

Also we set up more Christmas trees this week. Heck yeah baby. We're setting up some more this coming week. On a roll man. Woo!

I love you all so very much. I hope you're all doing well, and merry Christmas to all of us. Jesus is the Christ, and without him there is no Christmas. I know that of a surety.  I know my savior lives. I know he loves me. I know he loves you too.


with all my heart and organs,

Sista G.

My Favorite Christmas Picture!!

Scary but Hilarious!

Monday, December 7, 2015

I Was A Wise Man For About Three Hours

Corning does this cute little Christmas event called Hometown Christmas. Some members of our ward put together a live nativity and we volunteered to be two of the wise men. Some nonmembers were apart of it too and we got to talk to them the whole time. They were hilarious and we sat together on bales of hay for a long time making Hebrew jokes and saying Merry Christmas to everyone who passed by us.
It was great. It was nice to be apart of something that helps everyone be reminded of the real reason for Christmas.

This week was filled with visiting a lot of older people. That is fine by me. They have some of the greatest stories to tell, it's amazing.
We picked up a new investigator who is like 70 and is slightly crazy but she wants to learn more about the church. Cool with me lady.

One day while we were waiting for an appointment we decided to go walking around this trailer park to try to talk to some people. We started talking with this old woman named Angela and she invited us to walk with her. We found out she knew everyone in the trailer park and that she was hilarious and super nice. We told her we were missionaries and asked if we could come back to see her. She said she didn't care, because we should all believe in God anyway so it's nice to talk about that. Freaking sweet.

We got to decorate several members trees this week, which kind of helps with the homesickness for me. Decorating my tree at home is one of my highlights at Christmas. I got to decorate three trees this week, which was great. People let us put up decorations and lots of people let us go to town with them. I love all the lights and stuff for Christmas. Its just a cozy holiday.

Friday was a day of service for is basically, we did a bunch of service for some members and I ended up slicing open my finger which exploded in blood and wouldn't stop bleeding for ten minutes but hey, I was serving so if I lost a finger in the process, more blessings for me cause it was in the lords time. (Good news: I didn't lose my finger and the members patched it up for me)

Saturday I got the chance to play for someone's funeral. I realized while I was playing that though I didn't get to play the piano for my grandpas funeral, I could still do it for other people. I still hate funerals, but I'm glad I can share my talent in any way possible.  I got emotional of course, but that's the spirit for ya.

I have been out five months everyone. Five. That's basically almost 6.
Which turns into 7. And eventually makes its way to 8 and 9. So I'm pretty much halfway done technically when you really do the math.
These five months have easily been the longest of my life. I'll be glad when Christmas and New Years are over. Then I can go back to not being as homesick and jealous of everyone who is spending time with their families. I am so excited to skype my family for Christmas btw.
Just saying.

Brianna has decided she no longer wants to meet with us. She is gonna be looking at other churches. She doesn't like ours. Yes that is probably the saddest thing in the world for me right now. Jeez. I guess it's her own salvation.

Sister Mackay is such a great person. She is quiet but she's actually really sassy on the inside. She's got feisty sass. Don't get on her bad side, she doesn't tolerate any nonsense and will eat you alive if you try. It's great. This whole week was fast but great.

I hope you all have seen the new Christmas video by now, if not go to lds.org and watch it. I've got it memorized, I've shown it to so many people now holy cow. I am grateful for the birth of the savior and all he has to offer with the atonement. I'm grateful the atonement is real. I love Christmas. I love all of you. You are all my favorite people and I wouldn't want that any other way. I wish you all good tidings. Merry Christmas indeed. Shout out to my mom this week, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, YOU ARE THE GREATEST MOM IN THE WORLD.

Talk to you all soon!


Sister Caroline Elizabeth Ginn

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Well This Week Went By Fast!!

Ok so my new companion is Sister Mackay who is super chill, relaxed, and quiet and we get along great if your are wondering. We have been trying to contact a lot of less actives all week and so far we've gotten two return appointments out of all the less actives we've been visiting. Score one for sister Ginn and Sister Mackay. I'm the driver and for like the first four days I got lost every place I went to.
Sister Mackay would make fun of me which is great because I made fun of myself too. It's so much easier to laugh than to get angry about getting lost in the middle of nowhere, let me tell you.

Thursday was a good thanksgiving. We did a huge service project building a fence for an old lady with all the Anderson zone, and afterwards we went to a huge missionary thanksgiving party for all of us. We ended the day by going to a members house called the Mackintoshes. They are great and have six kids and both parents served missions. I was homesick, not gonna lie, but I felt better being around other people. Sister Mackay doesn't nitpick which makes this so much easier, oh wow. I love her.

Friday was an interesting day. We weekly plan on Friday, so while we were planning a person called us and asked us to come over right away.
Her name was Wynette. So we drove over to her house immediately. She told us she wants to change her life around and come back to church.
We are going to be meeting with her every Saturday to read the Book of Mormon with her. I've never had that happen before. I've never had a less active tell me they want to come back to church. It was a nice experience, and I'm glad I can be a part of her coming back to church.
She came on Sunday and plans on coming back for the next few Sundays.
It's the small stuff like that that makes it worth being a missionary.

I'm excited to be out here for Christmas, we have that new Christmas video that we will be showing everyone and their grandma this entire month. Hopefully we can pick up some new investigators. I am so pumped for Christmas you don't even know dudes and dudets. We decorated our apartment the best we could using cheap decorations from the dollar tree. I bought Christmas lights and put them over my study desk. They make me happy.

I love you all very much ok? You are all my favorite people in the whole world.

It's actually getting really cold here, like the lowest it gets is 27 degrees. It's COLD. But it's pretty. All the Christmas lights are up now and I like it.

I am trying to memorize the living Christ and to be honest I suck at it but I'm working on it. I appreciate everything Jesus Christ has done for me. I love my savior.

That's all for this week. I love you all. I will talk to you all soon!!!


Sister Caroline Elizabeth Ginn

New Companion Sister MacKay

Thanksgiving with everyone in the district!