Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I Am An Adult Now!!

I'm 20, yes. This is a huge accomplishment to have survived for 20 years. I want to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes! Thanks for all the emails and cards, that means a lot to me! Love you all <3 a="" also="" and="" at="" awful="" because="" birthday.="" birthday="" bought="" cake.="" cake="" cheesecake="" cook="" could="" dinner="" elders="" favorite="" for="" good="" great="" had="" happy="" house="" i="" in="" is="" it.="" it="" key="" kind="" know="" leaders="" like="" loved="" made="" make="" me="" mission="" mix="" my="" of="" off="" our="" own="" p="" sang="" so="" that="" the="" their="" they="" to="" voices="" ward="" was="" we="">
Thanks mom/Ginn family for the package, I loved everything in it! I got my harmonica and I play it all the time, dang I've missed that thing.

Quick shout out to my parents this week, they're anniversary was on Saturday and they have been married for 22 years. #relationshipgoals They are the best parents anyone could ask for. I love my mom and dad so much, and I am so glad I get to be with them for eternity.

This week was another blur, I swear it's just going by faster and faster. I know I've said this before but auburn is SO pretty. We had zone conference this past week, and that was amazing. Every zone conference all the missionaries have to prepare a five minute talk on a subject president Marston chooses. He chose for us to talk about how we have felt spiritual promptings and what we have done to follow them on our missions. He randomly chooses missionaries to get up and speak, and I was one of the lucky ducks that had to get up and talk. I also played the piano twice for two musical numbers for different zones. I felt like I was constantly walking up to the stand. Which I kind of was. Zone conference was in Lincoln and it was so nice to be back there. I miss it. I got to see some my friends in Lincoln, and one of which, Elder Argyle, goes home in August and that was probably the last time I will see him. Oh wow I loved Lincoln, it was some of the best times on my mission there. Anyway yeah zone conference was the bomb diggity.

That was probably the highlight of the week, mostly this week we've been contacting. It's hard to tract in Alta Sierra because it's in the mountains. We mostly just go after referrals from members and try knocking a house here or two there. It was a good week though, I have a lot of fun with sister wall. She complains and freaks out over the small stuff so I tell her to calm down and quit whining. It's hilarious, she has so many facial expressions. I love it.

I was having kind of a hard time last week, so I've been praying a lot more specifically to help me out this week. And it works. When you pray and are specific about it, it's easier to understand what you are asking for and what you personally need. Speaking it out loud makes it real instead of just saying it in your head. President Marston likes us to have 20 verbal amens a day, and I have been working on that.
Prayer is amazing, it's like I have a friend with me all the time and I can call on Him at any point in the day.

We had a good Sunday, the theme was the first vision from Joseph smith and I loved it. I love talking about The first Vision, it makes me so happy. Somehow, I still don't know how, I got signed up to play a special musical number in both wards on the 12th. Alta Sierra is at 9 and lake of the pines is at 11. I played the Restoration Medley for both sacrament meetings. We had investigators come to each ward and I am so glad they were there to listen to me play. Music can help people feel the spirit more than words can, I think. So many people came up to me and told me thank you. I'm so glad I have this talent and that I can share it with so many people in my mission. We also taught the gospel principles class, and that was the first time I had taught that class my entire mission.

I hit my 11 month mark this btw, party it up. One more month til my year mark. I'm gonna vomit.

K I love you all! Enjoy the pictures. I will talk to you next week.

With eternal love for all your souls,
Sister Ginn

1-5. Zone conference pics! Elder Argyle and Elder Bernhisel are my homedawgs.

6. Elder Kirby and I on our 11 month mark, he came out with me and now we are serving together 7. Sister Wall hates pictures 8. Oh deer (haha get it)

Zone Conference

She is pointing to a deer!

photo Bomb

Elder Argyle and Elder Bernhisel

Elder Kirby