Saturday, December 31, 2011



Thursday, December 1, 2011

Merry Christmas From THE GINN FAMILY

I want to wish everyone far and near a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2012.
We have had a good 2011 and the Lord continues to bless us in so many ways. I am so very grateful for my Savior and His loving example, my beautiful family, and the gospel.

Gregg continues to move forward as Bishop in the Dunn Ward and is on his third year. He also was able to build a house for my parents this year which they absolutely love. He continues to work at Brock Cabinets and does some side work in the construction field. I love him more than ever and am grateful to be his for eternity.

I am currently the Young Women president and loving every minute of it. I truly love working with these wonderful girls and also love the program itself. This coming year Hannah will be moving into Young Women so I will have three of my own in the program. I have been volunteering at Kimberly's school as well as helping Caroline with her homeschooling. I do stay quite busy, but don't we all?

Caroline is currently in the 10th grade. This year she got her driving permit, finished her fourth year of girls camp, and has learned so many more new piano pieces. She is such a help to me in more ways than she knows. She was also called as the ward pianist.

Melanie is in the 8th grade at Benson Middle. She is doing well and seems to enjoy school. Melanie has become quite the artist this year. She enjoys sketching awesome pictures, and all of her friends want pictures drawn of themselves by her. She loves the gospel and especially Young Women. She continues to work on her Personal Progress.

Hannah is in the 5th grade also at Benson Middle. She has done very well with her studies and loves to read. She belongs to a club that is competing in The Battle of the Books. It is a county wide competition in reading. She continues to play the violin. She has the sweetest testimony and for that I am grateful.

Kimberly started Kindergarten this year and really loves it. Her little mind is like a sponge. She has really picked up everything quickly so far. She is growing so fast which makes me very sad, but I know they have to all grow up sometime. I love to hear her pray because she always wants to.

I know that 2012 will bring some new challenges as well as many blessings. May you all be blessed with a great new year!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Gregg and Melanie

I am grateful for you both and love you very much.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Autumn Awesomeness

Edward Scissor-Hands created only by Caroline!


Awesome Autumn

Great fun at the North Carolina State Fair. They all got a taste of their first giant turkey leg as well as lots of rides and plenty of walking around. I always have to go see "SMOKEY the BEAR". My girls are quickly catching up to me in height. But mama is the queen bee no matter how tall you get!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grateful For the Gospel

This time of year is so wonderful to me. I love the change of seasons and the opportunity to partake in General Conference. My soul and spirit are filled with such peace and joy as I partake in the spirit from the wonderful talks,music, and prayers. It makes me so very grateful to have the knowledge of the gospel in my life. This past month I have been so very busy in many opportunities to serve. From attending the temple to consoling a sister who had lost her husband I have been strengthened and know without a doubt that serving is what the Savior would have us do. I continue to work hard to correct my short comings and repent for my mistakes' but knowing that I have the gospel there to lean on and learn from I know that all will be well. Thank goodness for the gospel!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

August So Fast?????

Where the heck did July go? I will say this, it has been the hottest July that I can remember. I sure hope August is not this hot. I am excited for a bit of change forth and coming. Caroline and Melanie will continue with home school for this school year. Caroline will be in 10th grade and Mel in the 8th. Hannah will be in 5th grade and little Kimberly will start kindergarten. It will be somewhat quiet but not much around the house. I also have a new calling as the Young Women's president in our ward. I am looking into joining a home school group for the girls. Busy, busy, busy but it is all good. My Father in Heaven continues to help me along the way.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Happenings

So far this summer has been very busy for the Ginn's. We have had a jammed packed June but hopefully July will be a little more calm.
The girls had a great recital . Melanie and Caroline played piano pieces and Hannah played the violin. They all did a super job. They all have talent.
This is the Father's Day gift that was handed out after sacrament meeting to the fathers. The hamburger is made of brownies, a cupcake sliced in half for the bun. She used red and yellow and green icing for the condiments. For the fries she used sugar cookies cut into strips. AWESOME. Sister Junker our Primary President made these.

Happy Birthday Caroline Elizabeth! Wow 15 years old this month. She shares her birthday with cousin William. Next year the big 16!! Papa and Aunt Amy made the cakes. Grandma would be proud!

I couldn't resist this picture. She gets her permit this week. Please pray for her mama!!!
Check out these yummy vegetables that I grew in my garden so far this summer. I have a half and acre of corn on the way!

Girls Camp was WONDERFUL as usual this year. I was asked to cook again but this time had to plan all of the meals and purchase the food for 120 people. I also had a presentation on the temple with a cute craft for 100 girls. Caroline took a few fun pictures.


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Random Pictures at Springtime

The girls on Easter Sunday.

I loved this black and white of Kimberly.

Caroline will definately be short like her mother. MaKayla E. and Chelsea E. and Caroline are ready for a formal church dance. They looked quite nice!!!

Caroline does not like wearing dresses. She would prefer a skirt and blouse. I talked her into this fancy dress for the dance. It really looked great on her.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mass Destruction

Saturday April 16th was a day we will never forget. Terrible storms and tornadoes moved across North Carolina leaving behind mass destruction. These pictures were taken close to my home. It seemed that it was all around us yet we were able to come out of this untouched and blessed beyond measure. We had golfball sized hail pounding against our windows but the glass never broke. As we huddled in our closet as a family we tried to stay calm, pray, and have faith that we would be safe. Heavenly Father was watching over us as well as the members of our ward. However, there were members in the Fayetteville 1st and 4th Wards that were vicitms of this disaster. Today (Sunday) the priesthood member of our ward left ready and willing to go to Fayetteville and help where they were needed. Among them were my two oldest daughters who wanted to go and help. I am grateful for their willingness to serve and their example to their two younger sisters. I do love the members of the Dunn Ward. They are always ready and willing to help anyone in need. In times of need they are always there and that is a wonderful feeling to know they are there. Things like this will continue to happen more and more as the time draws near for our Savoir's return. I can only pray that we will all be prepared and ready for anything. These are just a few of the many terrible disaster that I saw.

This is a small Hispanic church that was demolished . As we drove past their members were helping to clean up and collect anything they could.
What a bold statement of a flag that someone stood back up. It really brought tears to my eyes. This was at the sight of the Hispanic church.
Yes, my sweet little Kimberly turned 5 this month. She is loved to pieces in our family. Kimberly keeps us laughing at all of the cute things she says. She is ready for Kindergarten and I am happy and sad to send her. She is so loving and thoughtful for her sisters and she wants to do everything they do. Happy Birthday Kimberly Margaret Ginn. We Love You! We are so thankful to have you apart of our eternal family.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Great Conference Weekend

All of the talks were great this time throughout Conference. I always ask Heavenly Father to help me listen for something to touch my soul and teach me what I need to hear and know. It wasn't until the last session on Sunday that this prayer was answered. Something in every talk given stood out for me. I always love to hear from Elder Holland. He really surprised me with his talk. You never know what he will speak about, but it is always delivered with such strength. He seemed very emotional with his words of our devoted prophet. I was touched by Elder Scott's beautiful words of his wife. How sweet and special that man is. I heard many great and wonderful things about service. After conference, I always feel that I need to do better as well as uplifted and full of the Spirit. I feel sad when the last song is sung but gratefully, I know that in six months time I get to feel these special feelings all over again. How awesome is that!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cherished Memory

I haven't posted in quite a while. Life is so busy for me lately. I came across this picture of my family which was taken in 1975 as we were sealed in the D.C. Temple. My dad is taking the picture. It was very special to me because I can remember this. I used this picture and my dress my mom made me to be sealed in, which I still have, for a class that I taught at the Stake Women's Conference in March. I am so grateful to be sealed to my family and to also have my own eternal family.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hannah's Hair

Hannah received the cutest haircut on Friday of last week. She wanted it cut short so I took her to a lady that does a super job. Here is the before and after shots. Kimberly now wants hair like Hannah's.


Hannah really likes her hair and so do I!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

"Mom this is the best Christmas ever!"

On Christmas morning Kimberly along with Caroline, Mel, and Hannah were really excited to see what Santa had left for them. For some reason this year, there was alot of excitement in the air about Christmas. After opening up three gifts Kimberly runs over to me and jumps into my arms. She gave me the biggest hug and exclaimed "Mommy this is the best Christmas ever!" It really touched me to see such excitment in her eyes. It was sad to not have Grandma in our lives this year. We have such fond memories of her at Christmas. We had a wonderful month of December.

It snowed the day after Christmas leaving us around 12 inches of pure powder. It was awesome and we played in it for 3 days. Kimberly and her best friend Whitney enjoy being pulled by the four wheeler.

This guy hung around for about 5 days.

Lots of great memories made!!