Thursday, December 1, 2011

Merry Christmas From THE GINN FAMILY

I want to wish everyone far and near a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2012.
We have had a good 2011 and the Lord continues to bless us in so many ways. I am so very grateful for my Savior and His loving example, my beautiful family, and the gospel.

Gregg continues to move forward as Bishop in the Dunn Ward and is on his third year. He also was able to build a house for my parents this year which they absolutely love. He continues to work at Brock Cabinets and does some side work in the construction field. I love him more than ever and am grateful to be his for eternity.

I am currently the Young Women president and loving every minute of it. I truly love working with these wonderful girls and also love the program itself. This coming year Hannah will be moving into Young Women so I will have three of my own in the program. I have been volunteering at Kimberly's school as well as helping Caroline with her homeschooling. I do stay quite busy, but don't we all?

Caroline is currently in the 10th grade. This year she got her driving permit, finished her fourth year of girls camp, and has learned so many more new piano pieces. She is such a help to me in more ways than she knows. She was also called as the ward pianist.

Melanie is in the 8th grade at Benson Middle. She is doing well and seems to enjoy school. Melanie has become quite the artist this year. She enjoys sketching awesome pictures, and all of her friends want pictures drawn of themselves by her. She loves the gospel and especially Young Women. She continues to work on her Personal Progress.

Hannah is in the 5th grade also at Benson Middle. She has done very well with her studies and loves to read. She belongs to a club that is competing in The Battle of the Books. It is a county wide competition in reading. She continues to play the violin. She has the sweetest testimony and for that I am grateful.

Kimberly started Kindergarten this year and really loves it. Her little mind is like a sponge. She has really picked up everything quickly so far. She is growing so fast which makes me very sad, but I know they have to all grow up sometime. I love to hear her pray because she always wants to.

I know that 2012 will bring some new challenges as well as many blessings. May you all be blessed with a great new year!!!


Staceroo said...

Boy, I'd say you guys are busy! But doing a ton of great things! It was good to get an update and get an update on your awesome family. Merry Christmas!

Beth said...

I love you Deana...May you have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year. Give your parents my love.

Rachel said...

Deena, thanks for posting your family Christmas letter. I am so happy to hear about your girls and that everyone in your little clan is fabulous! Merry Christmas to you & yours. I am going to copy you and post ours too. Much love-Rachel