Monday, November 7, 2016

So We Raced A Train and Taught A Hippie!!!


I hope all is well for y'all, and I hope you are getting everything your heart desires.

This week was soooo long but short at the same time. Transfer week is always that way, I think. So Tuesday I said goodbye to sister Memmott, she went to Redding! My new companion came. Her name is sister Andersen, and she is from Gilbert, Arizona. She is one of seven siblings and she likes musicals and movies a lot. She also quotes spongebob all the time. It's wonderful. She has been out 4 1/2 months.

So far we have had a lot of fun this week, and I have seriously loved being sister andersens companion. We get along great, and I've already scared her a few times. It's been wonderful.

We went tracting a little this week when we saw this really weird house completely decked out with art and signs telling us to come in.
So of course we knock. This hippie guy named Norm let us in, and his entire house was covered in paintings he did himself. the first thing he said was "are you here to make me vote?" Then he saw our nametags and he said "oh you are, you're making me vote for Jesus!" And then proceeded to tell us that he lives his life according to his emotions.
So if his emotions tell him to kill someone, he will do it. Ok Norm.
Let us know how that works out for you when you are serving a life sentence in prison.

We were driving to Durham one evening when a train came up behind us going like 50 mph. I decided to match the speed of the train, and we tried to catch the eye of the conductor and wave to him. It didn't work, but we beat the train and it was fun.
We also got to pet a wolf, which was amazing because wolves are my favorite animals, next to hedgehogs. The things you do on missions.

Anyways, we had a good time teaching this week! We were able to contact a lot of people that haven't seen the missionaries in a while.
One instance was really neato, I was driving along a neighborhood and I suddenly got the impression to go see this less active lady we have been trying to contact forever. We pull up to her house and knock on her door, and lo and behold she is home. We talked to her and set up a return appointment for next week. Follow the spirit people, it knows what it's doing.

We are teaching these two kids named Mobeen and Rameen. Mobeen is 13 and Rameen is 11. They are adopted, and when the adoption papers go through, they can be baptized, yay! Please pray their adoption goes through successfully, I love them both and want to see them get baptized before I leave. I love teaching kids so much.

There's this deli/hotdog place called Zotts that gives lunch for free to missionaries. We went there this week with some elders, and that was fun. I will never get free food again like this on my mission, so I am taking advantage of it.

Also we are officially in the ward choir for Christmas. That's gonna be fun.

I've really come to appreciate the sacrament. When I take the sacrament now, I truly see it as a sacred ordinance that helps me repent. It makes me feel clean when I take it, and I love that time where I think about the atonement and how I can make my coming week better. Sacrament meeting has become one of my favorite things to do in my life.

I love you all! 11 weeks to go. Gosh this is going by fast.

Sister Ginn

1. We carved pumpkins as companions for Halloween 2. Elder Duseigner got transfers