Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Feliz Navidad

We were knocking a couple of doors the other day and we ran into this
family that seemed so nice and actually interested in who we were.
Only they spoke Spanish and no English. Somehow sister Andersen and I
managed to convey that we had a video about Jesus Christ that we
wanted to share with them, and they said yes and watched it! The kids
gathered around our iPads and the mom watched. They all liked it. I
literally know zero Spanish so all I could say was Feliz Navidad and
smile. The spirit was still there. It was awesome. We immediately
referred them to our Spanish speaking sisters.

Hence my subject line.

We got to do a white elephant gift exchange this week with another
ward relief society, they invited all the missionaries and it was
great. I got a bunch of jam preserves and sister Andersen got a can of
French vanilla hot chocolate, so we were both pretty happy.

I am working my tail off over here and really loving it. This week was
transfer week, and it was weird, sad, but good all at the same time.
It's weird to think that this is my final run.


Happy birthday Hannah! Tear it up my dude, you're 16 now. Go date cute boys.

What else happened.... oh we had a cool experience in a park! It was
Tuesday morning and we had nothing to do. I was driving down the road
and I saw a park with some swings. Being the spontaneous human that I
am, I immediately pulled over cause I wanted to swing on the swings.
We were swinging away when this older gentleman came walking towards
us. We engaged him on conversation and turns out he's the happiest
person to talk to. We explained that we were missionaries and we were
Mormon and he seemed to think that was the coolest thing ever. He
wasn't really interested in us coming by to have a lesson, but it was
nice to talk to him and explain who we are and what we do. Planting
seeds in parks. Heck yes.

I got to see some of my really good friends this week, like elder
mace. we went to Buffalo Wild Wings together and it was so fun. I've
been to Buffalo Wild Wings 14 times since I've been in Chico. It's
wonderful. I eat the chicken bones and gross everyone out.

Sorry that my emails are getting shorter and shorter every week. I am
losing the motivation to write lots of stuff.

I love all of you. Also, Alta Sierra/LOP people. The plan for the 19th
of January thus far is that my companion and I will be leaving Chico
at 1 and plan on being there around 3. As it gets closer we can
coordinate, I wanna see you guys before I go!

Talk to you all next week!

Sister Ginn

1. Most of the zone
2. Bye elder Clarke
3. At the park
5. I got to see elder mace this week. He's my bff
6. Bdubs with the fam
7.  We set up our relief society presidents tree <3 br=""> 8. White elephant!
9. We're so cute