Friday, December 16, 2016

I Am So in the Christmas Spirit This Year!

I am so in the Christmas spirit this year, I am yelling at people
across the street to tell them Merry Christmas and I'm singing
Christmas songs every five minutes. It's driving sister Andersen nuts
but I don't care, ITS CHRISTMAS. I get to talk to my family in two

This week was kind of a slow week, but it was a fun week. So transfers
came last night, and I am staying in Chico with Sister Andersen my
last six weeks of my mission. 43 days left, y'all. I am very happy, I
love my companion, I love my zone, and I love the area.

I love being able to be a missionary right now. I really do. These
last 17 months have been the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Birthday shout out to my mom, happy birthday mommy <3 br="">
We had our Christmas party this week, and sister Andersen and I
performed in it. She sang, I played the piano. Everyone loved it. We
had so many nonmembers and less actives there, it was a Christmas
miracle. I played basketball afterwards with some kids in my dress.
I'm a winner.

We taught a lesson to an investigator who was high this week. That was
fun. We spent Thursday being in homes that either smelled of weed or
dead things. Chico is glorious.

Zone meeting was also this week, and elder Ford is going home. He's
been a good friend of mine most of my mission, and it's sad to see him
go. But he did his two years, and I know the friendship I made with
him will last a life time. I have so many good friends here, it's

We had our church choir sing on Sunday, and it went really well. Our
choir director is really intense and if you miss a practice she might
kill you. It's great.

Heads up to those people in Alta Sierra and Lake of the Pines, I will
be in that area on the 19th of January to say bye to some people. Let
me know if you want me to drop by.

I really don't have much to say except merry Christmas! I love you
all. Talk to you next week.


Was thanksgiving seriously last week

Ok well this week went by quick, and by quick I mean by the speed of

We taught a ton of people and it was great. See, we teach a lot of
people here in Chico. But none of them are progressing. They aren't
willing to do things we ask. They don't want to come to church. But
they still want the missionaries to teach them and come over. Ok. Well
it's better than nothing.

I do love it though, even though the people we teach are being bums I
still love them anyways <3 br="">
We taught a lesson this week to one of my favorite investigators names
Cathy. She wants to get baptized and she has decided to stop smoking.
She is eating dum dum lollipops like crazy whenever she has a craving
to smoke. It's so cute, gosh dang her determination for baptism makes
me so happy.

This week I got to say goodbye to elder Forson. He is one of the best
friends I have made in my entire mission, and I love him so much. He
is going back home to Washington DC, and we're probs gonna hang out
and stuff. The friendships you make here will last a life time. I love
it. So much.

So yeah it's December and I go home in a month. *internal screaming*

Christmas is around the corner and it's exciting. I love all the
lights and stuff everywhere. Oh, it makes me so happy.

We also went in exchanges this week. I went with sister Canann, who is
the tallest sister missionary in the mission. I'm the shortest. She
lives in Virginia, and she goes home a transfer after I do. It was so
much fun, we taught this lady who loves weed and sold some weed to her
dad cause it's legal now in California to do that. She said she was
just spreading the joy. Ok. It was funny.

I am really in the Christmas spirit. There was a Christmas singing
concert we got to go to and it was wonderful. I really enjoyed it.
There was an entire family of six that played the cello, the violin,
and the piano. There was so much talent it was kind of ridiculous.

We got to set up some Christmas trees at one our of investigators
house. They had soooo many ornaments, and the mom kept telling sister
Andersen and I how her family is lazy and hates setting up the tree.
Girl I'll set up your tree anytime.

Anyway, I love you all! My testimony continues to grow each day. I
know the lord is proud of my service. I am happy with the way things
are going.

See y'all soon!

Sister Caroline Ginn