Tuesday, May 3, 2016

5,4,3,2,1 Continue

Sometimes I wonder if it's worth writing so many people in my big email because most of them don't email me at all. I feel like I'm just annoying those people with my emails. But then I stop caring, you're all getting my big email until the day I come home, too bad <3 p="">

I don't feel like typing at all. This one will probably be short.

So this week we did manage to find two new investigators. We had a good time just being missionaries and teaching. We have our black investigator Tito on date for the 14th of May. I am praying and hoping he can make it that far to baptism. I've never exercised so much faith in my entire life on something like this. God, please let Tito be baptized.

We had a great time with one of our investigators named Judy, she is one firecracker for sure. She has expressed desires to be baptized, and while I don't think she will be baptized while I'm in Lincoln, the next missionary after me is gonna get one golden investigator. I don't think I've ever met anyone in my entire mission more prepared and ready for the gospel. The spirit truly does convert people to the gospel.

Sister Smith and I are getting along more, it's week five now of the transfer. I made her talk more this week cause I am sick of talking so much.

Sunday was a fun day, (hehe that rhymes). We had some investigators come to church which was great, and we got to teach a mission prep class. It was just young men attending, but I thought it was a lot of fun. These young men try way too hard. I remember those days. Teaching a lesson is definitely not as hard as people make it look like. I bore my testimony in one of the wards, and I really felt the spirit when I did so. It was nice, I tried to talk about missionary work and get people excited about it.

We have had a good week, it's been a spiritually uplifting week for me. I am doing my best to feel the spirit every day. Something I've been thinking about it any responsibility as a missionary. I am in charge of two wards, I'm covering two areas. It is my responsibility to take care of those areas while I am here. That is incredible. The mission teaches us so much about love and being Christlike. It's such an amazing experience. It's hard as crap but it's amazing.

That's all for this week, I love all of you. There is no way I could do this without any of you. I am so excited for Mother's Day, you people don't even know. I miss my family. I miss my mommy.

Have a fab week, talk to you guys l8r.

Caroline Ginn