Thursday, August 11, 2016

Being A Missionary Means Free Food

Let me explain.

Every night, we as missionaries get fed by a different member. We don't have to do the dishes, even though we offer every time. We sometimes get paid for when we go into restaurants by random members we don't even know. There's a free Froyo place here for missionaries that is owned by a member. We get free clothes, money given to us, and get our groceries bought for us sometimes.

This is the only time in my life that I will ever be fed a free meal every single day of my existence and I am taking full advantage of that. Therefore, that means that once you get your nametag, you automatically qualify for free food all the flipping time. Unless you serve in a poor area. Then you probably starve.

Sister Wall is leaving *loud sobbing* oh I'm going to miss her so much. This transfer has easily been the saddest one of my mission to date. I haven't cared at all about transfers until my friends started going home. Now it seems that all my friends are leaving and I don't know anyone anymore. She is going to Rocklin and I am getting someone named Sister Taylor. She's a little bit older and she is from Canada.
Other than that I have no idea who she is. I'm excited and terrified all at the same time.

This week was good, we saw a LOT of miracles. The best miracle was we were able to see a less  active named Wende Kliver. She is so cool. We had been trying to contact her for ages. We were able to catch her at the right time and we set up a time to go by and see her. We had an amazing lesson. She wants to come back to church, and I found out that she listens to a lot of the same music that I do. She's also into Tim Burton movies and loves creepy stuff, just like me. She asked me if she could still be a Mormon and watch Tim Burton movies and listen to screamo, and I told her absolutely. I am a Mormon, I love Tim Burton, I think horror movies are amazing, and I love heavy metal and screamo music. It brings me so much joy to be able to tell people that they don't have to be perfect to be a Mormon. It was the best lesson I have had in a while, she told us that she definitely wants us back and she thanked us for being so persistent. I have never been thanked for something like that before. I'm excited to teach her. Her daughter is not a member and is interested in baptism, so we will see where that goes.

I said goodbye to lots of my missionary friends this week. It was kind of a sad week.
But it was happy at the same time.

We had MLC again this week and president Marston told us about how we need to try to live our mission with no regrets. I love that, because so far I have no regrets at all about anything I have done on my mission. I have learned something every day, and while I might not love it all the time, I don't regret it. The savior lived with no regrets because he knew what he was doing was righteous and from God.
This is how I should live as a missionary. I am doing my best every day and I am growing into the daughter of God my Heavenly Father wants me to be.

Danielle bore her testimony for the first time ever on Sunday as an official member. It was short because she got nervous and she quickly got off the stand, but she did it! We were so proud of her, sister wall and I wanted to scream. It was awesome. Yeah. Baptisms.

That's about it, I don't want to talk about anything else. Love you guys!

Sister Caroline Ginn

1. the auburn zone. We're freaking weird 2. At mlc, this is the original Lincoln zone 3. Elder sweet, he went home this week 4. Citrus Heights zone, my first zone 5. Elder Argyle went home as well, he is one of my favorite elders I've ever had 6. Elder shepherd went home too, excuse me as I cry. Best zone leader ever.

7. Sister wall and I packing her things

I Can't Sleep So I Typed My Email Early

Ok so I accidentally sent part of my email last night, totally did not mean to. Sorry. Most of you were asleep anyway.

Ok this week was actually pretty good! Ups and downs, as usual. Sister wall and are preparing for the next transfer by working as hard as possible. We managed to see several people we have been trying to contact for MONTHS. It's the greatest when you are able to teach an investigator who you haven't seen since your first week in an area, just saying.

We saw a ton of older people this week. There is this 97 year old lady we see occasionally, and her name is Melba. She is a firecracker. She is so funny and sarcastic, and her hearing is perfect. She can still get up and walk around all on her own. She has great health. She plans on living until she is 100. She has the strongest testimony of the gospel I have ever seen in someone. I love her so much. It seems like in each of my areas there has been a senior citizen who I have gotten close to. Melba is my hero and I wanna be like her when I am old.
There is another older sister in the ward we see every week, Sister Winn. I think she's 95. Anyway, she's going blind so we go over to her house and read the ensign with her. We also sings hymns to her and I play the piano for her.
Don't forget the widows in your area. They are amazing and have the greatest stories to tell. Go take them food and listen to their lives.

We were able to start teaching Danielle the new member lessons. She is doing so well. She has started to recognize the Holy Ghost in her life. She told us that she feels different now, and it's a good different. She is awesome. I love her.

Sister wall and I have been accidentally matching outfits almost every day this week. Our companionship unity is through the roof. I'm gonna miss her so much.

Missionary work is awesome, let me tell you. I love being able to preach the gospel to everyone. I encourage all of you to find joy in the spirit of missionary work. Just be nice to people. Do what the savior would do, and that is love everyone.

I am so glad I am a missionary in the California Roseville mission.
This is the greatest mission in the world, and I have the greatest mission president ever. Hands down. We win. Heavenly Father knew I needed to be here, and I received my own confirmation this week that this is where I need to be at this point in my life.

Transfers are hard, especially when people you love go home. But, I know that these missionaries  were in my life for a reason. I'm gonna miss them and I will enjoy this last week with some of them.

I love you all and I am so grateful for my savior. He is my redeemer.
He loves me personally, just as he loves each and every one of you.

Also it's Harry potters birthday today (the 31st).

I'm so grateful for all of you, you raise me up *cue josh groban*


Sister Ginn

1-2 lunch time adventures
3. Hi

4. A view of the lake in Lake of the Pines