Monday, February 29, 2016

I Love Bread But It Will Make You Fat

I love bread. So much. I could eat bread all day. Homemade rolls are the best. Too bad they make you the size of a bowling ball if you eat too much of it.

Anyway so this week was not a super eventful week. We do service at this place called the salt mine every Tuesday and Thursday morning. The Salt Mine is a Christian organization that helps people out with food and things they need. We hand out food to people sometimes as service and help out the pastor whose name is Stephen. It's ok, sometimes I like it sometimes I don't, mostly because the missionaries who work too with us there all think they are 2cool4school and don't talk to me. Punks. I will break their kneecaps in less than two seconds.

It's been a long week of self discovery and pondering the meaning of life. I think I had an existential crisis this week. Sister Morrison is great. I love her. But she is not the most considerate human being, and kind of hurt my feelings a lot this week. She is used to getting attention from everyone and anyone around, and when she doesn't get that attention she does everything she can do to get it, even if it means ignoring her companion for the entire week every time we are around missionaries. She's kind of a cliquey person. I talked to her about it and she said she was very sorry and we ended up hugging. So at least she's easy to talk to about issues and doesn't get defensive. We are both 19, we both have been out almost eight months, and our birthdays are in June. So one is definitely not better than the other. I love her dearly and I am glad I am her companion. I've learned a lot from her. Ive learned how to stand up for myself and not take rudeness from anyone here in Lincoln as well.

My mtc companion sister singer is serving around me. She is great, not gonna lie. But she can be very rude and mean. I don't think she likes me haha. She for some reason has been incredibly mean to me lately, and I straight up told her to quit and that what she says to me is mean. She was kind of shocked but she shut right up. Just a couple of things I've been dealing with. 

Cliques don't go away when you become a missionary. Just FYI. Be different. Be weird. Don't ignore people. It's rude. 

So funny story, we went tracting Friday morning right? It was my turn to do a door approach (which by the way I'm getting better at) and I knock on the door. A lady answers, takes one look at us, and says "No thanks, I'm Mormon." And slams the door. What. We stood there for ten seconds trying to process what happened. Lady, did you not see our nametags? What kind of Mormon are you? So there's a new one we haven't heard yet. 

Another interesting story, so this lady we tracted into and picked up as a new investigator is named Jackie. She apparently can't decide what religion to join so she wants us and the Jehovah's Witnesses to come to her house at the same time and debate over which religion is better. She also says the f word every five seconds. How about nope. Get thee hence. There's just a couple of my experiences with tracting this week.

So a friend of mine sent me an email this week that talked about redwoods, and how tall they are and how their roots are intertwined to keep them in the ground. Our roots in the gospel need to be the same way. That got me thinking about the California Roseville Mission song. It talks about redwoods since there are redwoods in Northern California. Yes, we have a song, and it's the best mission song in the world. Allow me to show you why: 

Master thou hast called,
In answer I have come,
To mountains high and redwoods tall
Master thou has made me
A messenger of light.
Bringing joy to one and all 

My commission in California 
To the Roseville mission to do thy will
Master I will strive to do it well

Master here I am
A steward unto thee
 And reverently thy love proclaim 
Even through the thorns
The roses can be seen
As hearts will open to thy name 

My commission in California 
The Roseville mission To do thy will
Master I will strive to do it well

Like the mighty redwoods with their roots that intertwine 
The spreading of the gospel of thy children I will find
The secret of the mountains like the rock on which I stand 
I'll share them with my neighbor and then with them
Take thy hand! 

My commission in California 
The Roseville mission to do thy will
Master I will strive to do it well!
Oh my master I will strive to do it well!!! 

I play this on the piano all the time and we sing it all the time. It's so powerful when a bunch of missionaries start singing it. I love music so much. Our mission song trumps all other mission songs, just saying. Thank you Sister Brimhall for that email about the redwoods and your life, it was awesome! You and your family are adorable. 

Ok so the greatest thing of all human history has happened. Leonardo DeCaprio finally won an Oscar. I asked about him tonight and my ward mission leader told me. The world can end now, he finally got one. For the worst movie ever, granted, but he got one. 

We had a good day Sunday. We are having this less active family come to church after like 10 years, oh my gosh it's amazing. We are still trying to figure out juggling two wards. We have investigators in both wards, and it's stressful on Sunday because we can't be to both sacrament meetings at once. But it's good, I'm still taking the sacrament twice every Sunday so it's awesome. 

We had a little miracle happen Saturday night I forgot to mention. So this guy we tracted into, Frank, called us. We had given him our number two weeks ago. Holy Hannah Montanna we flipped out. He told us he was really interested and wants to meet with us. This. Never. Happens. He said he feels positive when he is around us. THERE IS A GOD AND HE LOVES US. That's my spiritual message for the week. 

Today for pday we are going outside where there is no wifi and playing kickball so I probably won't be emailing much today. I actually hate kickball because I suck at it but I'm forcing myself to play because I don't grow if I don't push myself. Plus I'm trying to be more social and not hate human contact. I am probably going to accidentally kick someone in the shins. All the elders are are INCREDIBLY and DISGUSTINGLY athletic. Punks. Forget them and their athletic abilities. 
Pray for me. I'm gonna die, most likely. Sports are of Satan and I hate them. 



Sister Ginn