Friday, August 19, 2016

New Transfer New Ward Mission Leader New Companion

Hello to one and all!

So this week was busy, we had transfers and I had to say goodbye to sister wall. I miss her so much it's not even funny.

My new companion is Sister Taylor. We each have VERY different personalities. She is pretty much the exact opposite of me in every way possible. It definitely was not an easy week. It's ok though cause change is good right?

Anyways so we had a good week when you look at a transfer week. We were able to teach a lesson to someone's boyfriend, the girls name is Courtney and she is a member. Her boyfriend is not, and his name is Andy. He wants to be married to her but Courtney won't allow it unless he can take her to the temple. We just taught the first restoration, and he liked it. He is a very logical person, that is for sure. We had a good discussion though, it's always nice to teach the restoration.

Sister Taylor likes to go go go. All the time. I am a very relaxed person and I take things slowly.

Honestly she reminds me a lot of sister Duncan. This will be interesting.

I honestly don't feel like writing too much, I'm just dealing with things best I know how. The struggle is real.

We had zone meeting this week and as I am an stl, I had to teach again. We talked about planning and how important it is. I don't mind planning, but I don't plan up until the last detail. That's what sister Taylor does. It drives her nuts when we don't have every little thing planned out for our day. It seems like everything I like to do about missionary work, she likes the opposite.

I don't know what's going to happen, but we will certainly see.

I love you all! Hope your week is good.

Any words of encouragement is appreciated, I am having a really hard time at the moment.

Sister Ginn

1. Saying goodbye to sister wall
2. Zone lunch
3. Sister Morrison is back

4. Sister Taylor and I