Thursday, September 1, 2016

I Made It Through the Week Without Killing Anyone

I made it through the week without killing anyone. Yeah.

Ok let me start off this email with saying I have never played basketball in my life. I have played so much basketball on my mission it's not even funny, oh my gosh. I suck, but it's fun.

Anyways. This week we had a lesson with Danielles sons, Josh and Jeremy. Josh is 11 and Jeremy is 4. Josh is learning more and more about the church and really likes it. He is also my bff and whenever we go to Danielles house we play basketball together. Jeremy likes to play army games, he calls it "sniper" and I'm usually the bad guy he shoots down. I love those two boys so much.

We had zone conference this week! It was so good to see some of the missionaries there. I SAW SISTER WALL. I LOVE HER SO MUCH, YOU DONT EVEN KNOW.


Zone conference was good, we talked about how important it is to use members in our everyday missionary work. It's important, y'all. Do it.
Invite those you know to do someTHING. You don't have to invite someone to church. Just invite them to your house for dinner, even without the missionaries, so that they can feel the spirit that is in your house. It will make people wonder what is different about us. Do random acts of service. Be like Christ. We can all do it if we work together, we as missionaries cannot do it ourselves.

There's a stake relief society activity coming up soon, and I am playing all the musical numbers for it on the piano. That's gonna be gr8, m8. The person in charge is named Sister Fricke, and she has about the same lever of sarcasm as I do, so we get along. I love her a lot. I really do have two great wards, I love lake of the pines and Alta Sierra.

I've thought a lot about my role as a missionary this week. I guess you could say I had a missionstential crisis. Our job is to teach others and help people come closer to Christ. Yeah, we find a long the way, but that is not our primary purpose. Finding people to teach is honestly the job of the members. We do it because no one else does it.
We have over 100 people in each of the wards I am serving in, and you're telling me not a single person has had a referral to us for over three months? No one they know is ready to hear the gospel? Bull.
Someone is always ready. Like I said, simply just invite people to do things so they can feel the spirit.

Ok I'll get off my soap box.

Another thing that has happened is I have realized how real depression is. Sometimes that is how Satan gets us. It's how he gets me. I've also realized how important it is to get help when you need it. That's what parent are for. Church leaders. President and Sister Marston.

It's been a really hard week for me, guys. I'm not doing so great. I made it another week. That's all I want to focus on right now.

I know Christ loves me. He is our savior and he knows how I am feeling. He knows me perfectly. Without him, I am nothing.

We went on exchanges this week, and I went with a greenie. It is so weird to know that as of right now, I am one of the oldest sisters in the mission. That is mind blowing.

I love you all very much. I couldn't do this without your constant love and support for me. Thank you for all the things you do for me.


1. That's Alex Fricke, she's awesome and left for Utah this week. HI ALEX IF YOURE READING THIS 2. Went on exchanges with Sister Dee! She's from Utah and loves anime 3. I don't think I scared her too bad 4. Sister wall is