Thursday, May 19, 2016

13 Solid Lessons This Week

So this week was amazing. Top notch. We had solid 13 lessons this whole week. We met with Tito twice, and we have been getting him to meet with people from the ward. We talked about the word of wisdom and the law of tithing with him. Each time we asked him if he would live this commandment, he said yes and was so happy about it. He told us that if God has commanded us to do something, we should do it, no matter what it is. He kept telling us he is so excited to be baptized, and that he is ready to start a new chapter in his life. He even invited all his family and friends to be baptized. He has a very thick African accent, so when he talks you have to listen really hard to what he says. I love it. We rescheduled his baptism date for the 28th of May, a Saturday morning. He is so ready to be baptized, he is so ready for the gospel. He is so willing to keep all the commitments we have asked him to keep.

.... Too bad I'm getting transferred out of Lincoln before his baptism.

Yep, I'm leaving Lincoln. Here's a funny story to go with that:
transfer week always makes me anxious and on edge. I was talking to Sister Singer about it and she told me that if I was really struggling and stressing that I should just text president Marston and ask him if I was leaving or staying, as she had done that before and he told her if she was staying or leaving in an area. So I did, I texted him Thursday night and asked him if I was staying or leaving. He texted back saying "Not quite done yet." Which to me, means I'm staying. Ok.
Well I was kind of in denial, as I am stressed out double covering two wards. So I went through a lot of prayer and pondering and asking the lord to please help me to accept what I was supposed to do. I honestly did not want to stay. I love the area and I love the people, I am just tired of talking all the time with sister smith not speaking. But, through lots of prayer, I came to terms with the idea of me staying in an area for six months. I accepted what president wanted me to do. So I texted him and asked him that if I was going to be staying in Lincoln for another transfer of I could get a priesthood blessing to help me not be so stressed and/or area trunky.

Lesson learned: never ask president Marston about transfers. Just leave the poor man alone and accept whatever the lord is giving you without complaint.

And then I found out I was leaving. I was really surprised, mostly because I had come to terms with me staying. I had not prepared to leave mentally at all. Saturday night we got the email, and all the missionaries were anxiously waiting to see who was leaving and who was going. I flipped a lid when I saw my name. The AP's of course already know everything, and they are in my zone, those little punks, so they just sat there and watched me freak out.

In Preach My Gospel, there is a chapter that talks about doing all you can to leave your area better than you found it. I personally feel like I have done that, in both wards. I have found new people to teach in each ward in the last six weeks I have been here. I have out someone on date for baptism. I have served and done what I could to strengthen the relationships with members and missionaries. I guess I'm done, according to the lord. I've done what I could do for the Lincoln 3rd and 6th ward.


Ok here's a spiritual thing, we had a member of the Seventy come to our mission to train us in being better missionaries. It was Elder Packer and his wife. They toured the mission and helped us to know what we can do to help our investigators be converted to the gospel instead of just having testimonies. When you have a testimony, you feel and believe something, but when you are converted, you act on and know something. That is why we strive to baptize converts, not investigators.

All in all, a great week. I said goodbye to so many people this weekend. I think I am ready to leave Lincoln. I've done what I could, and I am now ready to go to Auburn with Sister Wall. I've served around sister wall already in my mission when I was in Corning and I love her. We will get along fabulously. I'm still a sister training leader, and so is sister wall now. I'm excited. Auburn is only like thirty minutes from Lincoln, so I am still in the south part of the mission. I love the south.

I love you all! Thank you for your prayers. Pray I don't melt as the heat starts to get unbearable here in California.

Sister Ginn

These are some of the awesome people I had to say bye to, and then there is elder Forson in the bottom, my best friend in the CRM mission.