Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Hate Blowing My Hair Dry and Shaving My Legs

Those are the two things I despise the most in life.

This week was really fast for some reason. As I approach my three month mark things seem to be going quicker. I like it.

It's October now. My favorite month out of the year. Our ward is already planning the trunk or treat thing. They call it a harvest festival. They make it sound like some kind of formal gathering with orderves  and finger sandwiches. It makes me think of last year when I was Morticia Addams for Halloween. Best costume I ever made. Anyway.

My week was a blur. The biggest highlight was conference. I loved all four sessions. Our mission president came to one session and watched it at the stake center with us. He prefers us to watch it at the church because he thinks we should take this time for ourself and not be distracted by families or small kids. I couldn't agree more. The thing I took from conference is to be more obedient and live worthy enough for temple marriage and to be a good mom. Only with a Christ centered life can I truly reach my eternal potential so I'm shooting for that. I'm down on myself and I shouldn't be. Baby steps. I need to stop focusing on the things I can't do and do the things I can. I can't control my trainer, I can't make her be obedient and I can't control how the missionaries act or if they don't talk to me. I can however choose to be happy, be myself, smile, talk kindly to others, and be nice even if people are not nice to me. I am trying to see people as Heavenly Father sees them. That's my biggest goal right now.
Focus on the things I can do. Trust the lord in all things. I can tell you all that it will work out. That's the comfort I've received this conference. And indeed, what a great comfort.

It made me sad to see president Monson and how much he was struggling.
I love him so much. He's such an inspiration to the millions of people on this planet. The new apostles are the

My mom shipped me some cinnamon rolls for conference and I brought them to church and ate them with everyone. There was enough for Saturday and Sunday. Thank you mommy! I love you! Jeffery R. Holland made me cry with his talk about moms. I miss my mom so much. I make a promise to all of you reading this, especially my mom, that I'm gonna be better when this whole thing is over. Pinkie promise with a cherry on top. I am so sorry for anything I've ever done that wasn't up to par with what was expected of me. I'm sorry I'm not good enough. I promise to be worthy to see you all again and look you dead in the eyes and tell you all that I did my best and not feel a twinge of regret saying that.

This week we had a good few visits. We have been visiting people who have illnesses and limitations that makes them not able to attend church. Many of these are widowed women. They are the sweetest people I've ever met. Their testimonies are so strong and their faith is unbreaking. What examples. One lady, Sister Meyers, had a massage chair and let us try it out. Holy cow that felt so good. I need probably 5 or 6, one for each room in my house.

I have not taught any lessons this week. I've shared my testimony and shared thoughts to less actives and members. We have not found any investigators. This has stopped discouraging me because I don't have control over this situation. It's all on the lords time. 20 years from now when I come to call on this area, I know that some of these people we see in homes and on the streets will be baptized and members of the church because of the seeds I've planted here. That's what matters.

I love you all so much. I am going to let the Lord mold me into the person I need to be.
With eternal love,

~Sister Caroline Ginn

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