Tuesday, August 11, 2015

One Month Down and 17 to Go, I Got This!!

Did I even mention we have a car? Probably not. Yes we have a car which is great because it is SO HOT. Everything is brown and ugly since there's no rain and it's all dead. Also, my companion forgot to tell me that my address had a box number included in it, so if you sent me a letter in the past two weeks, I have not gotten it, and I don't know where the mail went. Sorry. The address is 7923 Sunrise blvd #2-108, Citrus Heights CA, 95610. It might also be easier to send things to the mission office because then it for sure gets to me. The mission office address is 8583 Watt Avenue, Antelope, CA 95746.

Okay so this week has been hot and droughty. As usual. There is never a single cloud in the sky and it's always blue. Everything is dead except for trees. My kind of town. My ward mission leader, Brother Castillo (who has only been a member for 20 months) said that there is a drought,  but there is also a drought in investigators which is so true right now. We have 3 investigators that we haven't been able to see at all because they are all on vacation. I have taught some lessons, but it's been to members. It's been nice though because they understand what I am saying, and it's so nice to practice before I talk to an investigator.

I played my musical number on Sunday. I played the Restoration Medley by Paul Cardall and it was amazing, the spirit was so strong there. I can't even tell you how many people came up to me in tears telling me how beautiful it was. Bishop Martel is eager for me to play again soon. I also have started playing prelude every Sunday and everyone really likes it. I am so glad I have this talent to share, and that I can touch so many hearts with it. It is one of the biggest ways I share my testimony. I want to play the piano for the rest of my life.

This week I attended another pair of sisters missionaries baptism. It was so nice. The person being baptized was Rolly, and he is from the Philippines. It felt so good to be there as a missionary, because I know that I can feel like that later when I do find someone to teach.

Something I have learned this week is that having faith in Christ is something that never stops growing. It's always going. We must always exercise our faith, or it will diminish. I have faith that the Holy Ghost will tell me what I need to say every week when I talk to people. I feel such a peace every day that I can't describe. I am trying my best, and I feel like the lord is pleased with who I am becoming.

I love my family so much. I love all of you so much. I am so grateful for all you do. The support you give me is why I am still here. I would have gone home so long ago without all of you. I hit my month mark on Saturday the 8th. 17 more to go. Talk to you all soon! You have my eternal love.

Sister Caroline Ginn

This was the baptism and this is most of my zone. Rolly is the one holding the bag. I look like a little child.