Monday, September 28, 2015

I Used A Bidet For the First Time In My Life!!!

I have reached the conclusion that I will have bidets installed on every toilet in my future house. If you don't know what a bidet is look it up and bask in its glory.

I had this really nice email typed up and ready to send out but my iPad deleted it without me knowing and I don't remember any of what I typed and I'm super ticked so here is a condensed version of my week.

I hate technology.

We saw a lot of less actives this week and one of the people we saw was named Dorothy. She just got rid of cancer for the second time and we got to talk to her a couple days after that happened, which was neat. She lost her husband a year and a half ago to a heart attack, so we talked about the plan of salvation I felt impressed to share that my grandpa had passed away last month and that it was super hard for me to be here and not be home, but I know I'll see him again. I felt the spirit strongly, so I know she felt something too.

I was sad about Richard G. Scott passing, I wasn't really expecting that. He was my favorite speaker and apostle. Some of his talks really helped me to come closer to Christ. I am so excited to meet him one day. He's a huge hero of mine. I know he is with his wife who he loved so much and that makes me happy. I love knowing what happens after we die.

I got to watch the General Women's Broadcast at our stake center, and it was marvelous. President Utchdorf spoke, and he said something that has helped me out these last few days. He said, "God did it create us to be sad. He created us to have joy." That one line helped me to instantly feel better. Cause yeah I am sad. I'm sad I'm left out and ignored. I'm sad I'm not with my family at this time of my grandpas passing. I'm sad about a lot of things. But I need to start having joy in what I am doing here in California. It's easy to be sad, but it's greater and far more rewarding to have joy in life.

I have had a better week. I can promise you all that I will not ever leave anyone out. Missionaries should feel like other missionaries are their family. I don't feel that. How annoying is that? I have always tried to include everyone I come in contact with throughout my life.
No reason why I should stop now. Even if I'm the only one doing it, I don't care.

Thursday I had lunch with the Beach's they are super close with my family and lived in North Carolina. They love in the Sacramento area.
What a small world. It was so nice to be able to talk to someone about nc and know what I was talking about. They are a great couple.
Everyone here knows about Utah, but no one knows about North Carolina.

I had a really good Sabbath. I am trying to make the sacrament more meaningful to me personally by imagining the savior at Gethsemane. It helps me to feel the spirit more as I picture him bleeding from every pore for every single one of my pains and sins. The atonement is real.
I feel such peace to know that. I have learned a lot, and I am already thinking of ways I can make my future home and family Christ centered.
My family in North Carolina is my eternal family and I would not have it any other way. I hope I can try to be a tool in the Fathers hands and help other people become eternal families. That's my biggest goal.
Families bring people together. It's something that unifies the world.

So real quick Saturday night sister hodge and I were praying and suddenly this huge helicopter with a big searchlight starts circling this house a few streets behind us and this guy starts telling into a megaphone "COME OUT OF YOUR HOUSE WITH YOUR HANDS UP". Every five minutes someone would say that. Sister Hodge started freaking out, but I was excited. Then someone yells out for everyone in the area to stay indoors because apparently this guy they had surrounded was crazy and had a gun. Sister Hodge thought we were gonna die and I was loving the whole atmosphere. We have such a stark contrast in our personalities, it's quite hilarious. So that was fun. I fell asleep to people yelling and sister hodge couldn't sleep at all.

Anyway I love you all. I pray for you all every single day. You are all my family in one way or another and I love you so freaking much.

Til next week,

Sister Caroline Ginn

Caroline with Wanda and Stewart Beach

Night of fugitive on the loose!!!!

California sunset