Thursday, April 14, 2016

Internal Screaming

Hello. Hope you're all good.
I don't even know what happened this week but I hit my 9 month mark on Friday.

This email is gonna be short because WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE AS A MISSION TODAY YEAH a I got up at 4 am and drove all the sisters in Lincoln all the way to the temple. It was amazing. I got to see sister Morrison. Plus I got to see president and sister Marston. Huge plus.

Saying goodbye to sister Morrison was awful. I lost it. I cried for a while and then I had to see her go.
Enough of that.

Anyway so now that I am an stl I went to MLC this week or missionary corrdination meeting. We talked about how the mission was doing as a whole. It was long but I got to see some of my favorite missionaries, sister Morrison included. We are basically still companions.

I am stressin taking over the area but it's fine, it's only the first week. Five more to go. Interviews are also this transfer and I am SUPER excited. I actually really hate driving all the time.

Anyway so I am freaking busy as heck today, it's elder argyles birthday and I'm making him a pan of brownies and I have no time to breathe so sorry.

This week sister smith and I got to know each other. She makes balloon animals which is cool. We were pretty busy all week, it went by really fast. We knocked on this one lady's door and she told us her husband was a member and she was interested in becoming a member. I almost died. Guess where we got that info from? A REFERRAL. THEY WORK PEOPLE.

What else is important.... Oh yeah so it was my little sisters birthday yesterday. She is ten now. HAPPY BIRFDAY KIMBERLY STOP GROWING UP PLEASE.

Sister Smith is really quiet. It's fine though. I can deal with quiet.
She's super sweet and is pretty funny, she says things so out of context it's hilarious.

The church is true and stay in school and don't do drugs.

K I love you all! Bye! Sorry for such a short email, hopefully my pictures make up for lack of words.


Sister Ginn

Sister Smith makes balloon animals

They all live in the same complex

Last hug from Sister Morrison