Monday, January 4, 2016

So I Skyped My Family and it Was the Greatest Thing Ever!!

Hello to all. I hope your Christmas was great this year. I had a good Christmas, I really did.

This week was one slow week, that's for sure. You know how people say that the holidays are the best time to proselyte? Well that is a lie and if anyone actually believes that then clearly they have never served a mission, at least in the United States.

Anyway. Not many lessons were taught. At all. We mostly just visited with members all week, which hey, members are one of my favorite parts of being a missionary so I'm not complaining. Tuesday we had a California Roseville Mission Christmas devotional and it turned out great. I played the piano and we all sang Christmas songs. I saw some missionaries I haven't seen in a while and it was fab. I loved it.

Wednesday was kind of slow, but we ended up helping one of our investigators make Oreo truffles for like three hours. I ate so many and I wanted to die. There's no such thing as a diet during Christmas.

Thursday on Christmas Eve we helped the same investigator cook her Christmas Eve dinner. Her name is Marybel by the way. Then we went to the Finefrocks, a family that loves missionaries, and we ate and talked and laughed and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Christmas morning sister Mackay and I recited the Living Christ to each other. That's right. I memorized it. And I suck at memorizing. We opened our presents and headed out to our relief society presidents house. Turns out the entire ward had gotten together to get us these GIANT SANTA BAGS filled with presents. I got these warm cotton pajamas that I try to wear as long as I can in the mornings and nights. We skyped our families at another members house and I didn't cry as much as I thought I was going to. I love my family soooooooo much. It was so good to hear them speak to me. I will never take them for granted again. Our Christmas dinner consisted of nachos and Oreos and jello.
It was delicious.

Saturday and Sunday were kind of a blur. They went fast and slow at the same time. I don't remember too much that happened but that happens a lot for me. I did play with playdoe with a little girl who's grandma is our investigator. That was fun.

I love the members here. They are like a giant ward family and I love it. The Relief Society President here is Sister Ellen Van Dyke and she is amazing. We are over at her house all the time. I adore her. We get along great.

Even though Christmas is over, I still feel the Christmas spirit inside of me. It's a happy and joyous feeling to be sure. I want to try to keep this feeling with me as long as I possibly can. Everyone else should try that too.

I know this gospel is true. I know the Book of Mormon is true.
I love knowing that I am sealed to my family forever. It's amazing to me to be able to know that for sure.


I love you all ok? Happy New Years! 

Sister Ginn