Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Transfers on Tuesday and I Am Staying In Corning

Yep, Duncan Hines is leaving tomorrow. She is going to Rocklin which is two hours away from us. We have to arrange rides with the members, plus I have to pick up my new companion which means probably about 6 hours in a car tomorrow hahahaha kill me

No but it's nice to not be going anywhere. This week was really long.
I think the week leading up to transfers is always long. My new companions name is Sister Mackay. I actually already know her and she is a sweetie, so I feel better than going in blind.

Now that this transfer is over it almost seems like it was a week but in reality it felt like ten years. We ended up going in to have emergency interviews with President Marston this week due to Sister Duncan and her breakdowns. That was awkward for me as you can imagine.
This entire week has been a roller coaster for me trying not to step on her toes. Luckily Rocklin is the exact ward President Marston goes to. He definitely did that on purpose. I grew a lot being companions with her, that is for sure.

What did I do this week... Oh yeah I picked up a new investigator which was a neat experience. We went over to a members house to have a lesson with a recent convert and her daughter in law was there. The members are called the Finefrocks and they are one of my favorite families in Corning. We were having a lesson with a recent convert named Emily there, and Sister Finefrocks daughter in law seemed interested in what we were talking about. Long story short we are going to her house next Saturday to talk to her about Jesus. That's what's up.

This week on Thanksgiving we have three meals signed up at three awesome members houses. So I will probably either die from eating too much turkey or have a heart attack from eating too much pie. We aren't really going to do a lot of missionary work, mostly we're just hanging out with families. It'll be nice, as much as I am missing home right now. I've been homesick thanks to this time of the year, stupid holidays. But I know Heavenly Father will take care of me, at least.

We have this amazing investigator named Brianna, I think I've mentioned her before. She is so into what we are teaching her, it's amazing. She's hilarious and has a little boy with autism named Alex.
She wants to get baptized which NEVER HAPPENS so we're working with her to get her baptized soon. GUYS SHE COULD BE MY FORST BAPTISM EVER, I SO HOPE SO CAUSE I FOUND HER AND TAUGHT HER AND NOW I WANNA GET HER BAPTIZED. That missionary fire tho. Amirite or amirite?

One more thing, I GOT TO DO SERVICE THIS WEEK. OUTSIDE. AND DO MANLY THINGS. LIKE HAUL WOOD. Our ward did a service project for the stake where they went into this orchard and chopped a bunch of wood. We went and helped all day which was great, it was so nice to be outside and do service and haul wood from one trailer to another. We also cooked lunch for everyone. I miss doing that kind of stuff, I miss yard work so much you have no idea. No one ever lets sister missionaries do stuff. WE HAVE MUSCLES JUST LIKE MEN DO DONT YOU DARE PAMPER US. Moral of the story, LET SISTER MISSIONARIES HELP YOU PLEASE. WE LOVE IT.
THANKS. Also the weather in California is gorgeous, it's like 50-60 degrees every day and all the leaves on the orchards are changing colors. There's always a slight breeze and the sun is always out.
We're supposed to get a thunderstorm on Tuesday, we'll see how that turns out.

I am learning a lot about myself out here in California. I am learning that I actually love being with people. Shocker right? I love getting to know people and their passions. That's the best part of getting to know a person. I am also learning a lot of my Savior. He is my Savior.
I know he is. And as much as I miss home right now, I'm glad I am here learning more about my savior. He is eternal. His love is eternal. I am grateful for that. I'm grateful for the atonement. It covers EVERYTHING guys, literally anything you could thing of, he's got your back 10000% of the time. It's great. Use it.

I love you all. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, GET FOOD COMAS. I'm excited to be able to serve in this area for thanksgiving and Christmas. It'll be just oodles of fun, that is for sure. I love you all so much ok.
Caroline loves you.


Sister Caroline Elizabeth Ginn

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