Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I Am the Awkward Third Wheel

So you know the kid that was in high school that hung out with your group of friends because one of their friends was cool so everyone hung around the cool one while the other kid just shadowed that person and no one talked to them? Yes that has literally been me my entire life and still hasn't changed and probably won't change until the day I die. I'm just not cool enough to be in a group of 19-20 year old missionaries either I guess.

I really get along great with stoners, I've noticed. I don't know what that means but you know what, stoners need Jesus too.

So this week was speedy Gonzales, I don't even now what happened oh my gosh. We taught and tracted and taught and tracted some more. Once again, tracting is not the most successful way to do missionary work.
The good news is we had more lessons with less actives and recent converts, my favorite type of missionary work.

One evening we went to contact one of our investigators, and he wasn't home. We tried this less active across the street from him, and they weren't home either. I said a pray out loud that we would be able to contact our investigator soon as we got back into our car, and not two seconds later our investigator pulled up into his driveway. We got out and talked to him and scheduled a less for him later that week (and it was a bomb lesson btw). So his name is Tito Togar. He is from Liberia, Africa and he has the coolest accent ever. He wants to be baptized really bad and has been listening to the lessons for only a couple months. Who knows, maybe this might be my first baptism, knock on wood.

Ok so we have District Meeting every Wednesday right? You would think because it's every Wednesday that it would be ingrained into a 17 month out district leader right? Wrong. Our district leader completely forgot it was Wednesday so we were all at the church for an hour waiting for him to show up. He finally arrived and apologized profusely and we talked about villains and superheroes for the rest of the time. That might seem pointless to you, but it gives me comfort because even though I screw up all the time and I am incredibly awkward, I would never forget that it's district meeting.

Sunday was Stake Conference in Lincoln, and it was my first stake conference I've been to as a missionary. An area of the seventy, Elder Dube, came and spoke to us. We had an 8 o clock meeting with just him and recent converts, investigators, and less actives where they could meet him personally. It was awesome, Tito came and since Elder Dube is from South Africa and Tito is from West Africa , they could understand each other and he was able to answer Tito's questions. After the meeting Elder Dube pulled us and Tito aside and spoke to Tito personally. He bore his testimony to Tito and said that as long as he listens to the missionaries, he will be blessed and being baptized is the best decision he can make. I GOT TO SHAKE ELDER DUBES HAND LIKE THREE TIMES. That was the closest I have ever been to an area seventy, he actually talked to me and said, "Thank you Sister." It was like talking to a rockstar. I was internally screaming the whole time but I kept my cool. Elder Dube gave a conference talk back in October 2013.
Go watch it or read it. It's amazing.

K I'm off to go do P-day stuff. I love you all and the church is true.
Yeah I might not be the coolest or most interesting of people. I might not be included in the "cool crowd" but who cares, cause when Jesus is on your side nothing matters anyway. My job here in life is to comfort the lonely and less fortunate. I can do that because I know exactly how it feels to be lonely and less fortunate. I just know I have a father in heaven who loves me and I need to tell people that.

I love you all. Please keep me in your prayers, I need it. Talk to you soon!!

Sister Ginn

Flowers from our ward mission leader!

I like jumping in puddles!