Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Happenings

So far this summer has been very busy for the Ginn's. We have had a jammed packed June but hopefully July will be a little more calm.
The girls had a great recital . Melanie and Caroline played piano pieces and Hannah played the violin. They all did a super job. They all have talent.
This is the Father's Day gift that was handed out after sacrament meeting to the fathers. The hamburger is made of brownies, a cupcake sliced in half for the bun. She used red and yellow and green icing for the condiments. For the fries she used sugar cookies cut into strips. AWESOME. Sister Junker our Primary President made these.

Happy Birthday Caroline Elizabeth! Wow 15 years old this month. She shares her birthday with cousin William. Next year the big 16!! Papa and Aunt Amy made the cakes. Grandma would be proud!

I couldn't resist this picture. She gets her permit this week. Please pray for her mama!!!
Check out these yummy vegetables that I grew in my garden so far this summer. I have a half and acre of corn on the way!

Girls Camp was WONDERFUL as usual this year. I was asked to cook again but this time had to plan all of the meals and purchase the food for 120 people. I also had a presentation on the temple with a cute craft for 100 girls. Caroline took a few fun pictures.



jimandceleste said...

Hey Deana - Your veggies look so perfect!!! My first batch of tomatoes are cracking!! I love your picture with Caroline driving and the "pray for Mama". I agree. It's going to be one scary year :) Hope ya'll are doing good. I think about you often. We sure miss you and your family.

Staceroo said...

Oh my goodness, when did your girls get so grown up? They are all beautiful, each with their own look and yet still maintaining the Ginn family look.

I love your veggies too - extremely jealous of your 1/2 acre of corn! Corn on the cob is probably my summer favorite. Enjoy some extra for me.

Megan said...

The girls look beautiful! I hope July is a relaxing month for y'all. Congrats on the garden! I miss the LONG growing season of NC!

Rachel said...

Deana, time has sure flown. It seems like only yesterday your girls were small and running around your house. It looks like your family is doing wonderful!