Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Great Conference Weekend

All of the talks were great this time throughout Conference. I always ask Heavenly Father to help me listen for something to touch my soul and teach me what I need to hear and know. It wasn't until the last session on Sunday that this prayer was answered. Something in every talk given stood out for me. I always love to hear from Elder Holland. He really surprised me with his talk. You never know what he will speak about, but it is always delivered with such strength. He seemed very emotional with his words of our devoted prophet. I was touched by Elder Scott's beautiful words of his wife. How sweet and special that man is. I heard many great and wonderful things about service. After conference, I always feel that I need to do better as well as uplifted and full of the Spirit. I feel sad when the last song is sung but gratefully, I know that in six months time I get to feel these special feelings all over again. How awesome is that!!

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