Friday, January 7, 2011

"Mom this is the best Christmas ever!"

On Christmas morning Kimberly along with Caroline, Mel, and Hannah were really excited to see what Santa had left for them. For some reason this year, there was alot of excitement in the air about Christmas. After opening up three gifts Kimberly runs over to me and jumps into my arms. She gave me the biggest hug and exclaimed "Mommy this is the best Christmas ever!" It really touched me to see such excitment in her eyes. It was sad to not have Grandma in our lives this year. We have such fond memories of her at Christmas. We had a wonderful month of December.

It snowed the day after Christmas leaving us around 12 inches of pure powder. It was awesome and we played in it for 3 days. Kimberly and her best friend Whitney enjoy being pulled by the four wheeler.

This guy hung around for about 5 days.

Lots of great memories made!!


jimandceleste said...

WOW! 12 inches - what an exciting Christmas. We had a white Christmas too, but only 4 inches. The kids played in the snow before they played with their Christmas gifts. Hope ya'll are doing well - we sure miss living close to you.

Jennifer Knight said...

I'm so glad Kimberly brought that joy into the house. I thought of you guys a lot that week and meant to tell Caroline. Her testimony really touched me - my first Christmas without my grandma was so, so hard. I thought of her having Christmas in Heaven and how beautiful it must be there and that eased the pain a little.

Is that Gregg's Carolina hat on the snowman? Nice touch!