Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well, it has been one interesting year for the Ginn family. I do know that we made it through 2010 and are all healthy and happy and oh so grateful for all of our wonderful blessings. One of the things that happened for our family this year is moving into our new home. We have thoroughly enjoyed living here and are so grateful to finish building it. Our children are growing and developing so quickly and I am trying to enjoy all of those little moments that are left to enjoy as they grow and mature.

Caroline continues to polish her talent of playing the piano. She continues to share her talent with others by playing for sacrament meeting, firesides, and the most special her grandmother's funeral. She did not care for high school so we are doing home school using the BYU online courses. She is in the 9th grade this year and started seminary. She is up every morning and seems to like attending. She is a big help around the house and I am grateful for her especially being the oldest. She is a good example to the others.

Melanie is in the 7th grade this year. She recently just received braces. If she does well and follows the orthodontist instructions, she only has to wear them 18 months. Melanie is playing basketball on the Rec team here in Benson. She is new to the sport and trying to learn how to play.Melanie loves being apart of the Young Women group in our ward. She is the Beehive president. I appreciate all of the help she gives me with Kimberly. I love her very much.

Hannah is in the 4th grade this year. She loves school and her teacher. Hannah participates in the choral group at school called VOICES. She has already performed on Veterans Day and in the Benson Christmas parade. She is also taking violin lessons and doing quite well. She loves attending the Activity Days at church. She is such a sweet and special part of our family. I love the spirit she always carries around with her.

Kimberly is 4 this year. She will start school in the fall and I will be very sad. She is the EverReady bunny and we all enjoy watching and keeping up with her. She loves her Sunbeam class because her Nana teaches it. She will be moving up in January to CTR4. She loves Primary and singing time. Kimberly cracks us up with some of the things she comes up with. We all love her sweet spirit and lovable personality.

Gregg continues to work hard to provide for our family. He also works hard as Bishop and is doing his best for the Lord. This year was hard for him because of the loss of his mother. He still struggles with her loss but knows his Father in Heaven is there to help him along the way. I love and admire him so much. I appreciate his example and love for others.

As for me, I continue to raise my children and be the best mother and I wife I can be. I love teaching seminary and just took on another calling as the Activity Days leader for the Faith in God program. I stay quite busy with everything and I would not have it any other way. I just turned 41 on the 9th of this month. I still feel young and hope I can feel that way forever. I love my Savior and am so grateful for his redeeming sacrifice. I know that He lives and loves us all. This wonderful time of year our hearts and minds should be set upon our Savior and how He is portrayed in our everyday lives. May 2011 be a wonderful year bringing many blessings to your lives.

Our family wishes you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a GREAT 2010!!

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Mandy said...

Got a card from you today...thank you. I love the update about each of you Ginn people. Love and miss you. Merry Christmas!