Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Home sick but Happy at Christmas

So this week was a week filled with Christmas and things of that sort.
First off can I just tell you all that my mission president is the bomb diggity. I write him every p-day and I told him straight up how I was feeling last Monday: homesick as all get out. So what does he do?
HE RESPONDS AND MAKES ME FEEL TEN TIMES BETTER. So he is just as homesick as I am, if not more, cause he has all these grandbabies and kids back home in Utah that he can't go spend Christmas with. SO HE KNOWS. HE UNDERSTANDS. Yeah that made a big difference in my week.

Anyway, so this week we have been trying our hardest to use the Christmas initiative. We have given out a lot of pass along cards and did our best to show the new Christmas video, A Savior is Born. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it. It's only 2 minutes long so it won't take up forever of your life. We honestly haven't had too much success with it. Either people are not home for the holidays or they don't care about Jesus. Ok. That's fine. The point is I feel good at the end of the day cause I tried. So there.

So Friday was a great day, we saw this recent convert named Marisela who has the cutest little boy in the world named Calvin. We played with him mostly, it almost made me like children haha. Later on that day we had the Ward Christmas party (pictures below) and woah it was a blast. I ate so much food guys. Holy heck. They had a Christmas nativity scene and I was asked to play the piano for it, so I did.
Everyone enjoyed and since it wasn't in the chapel people could clap.
So there's that. It makes me feel good that I can spread some Christmas cheer through my talent of playing the piano. That night we saw another recent convert who has yet another absolutely adorable son named Erik who is three and I want ten of him when I have kids oh wow, I normally don't like children but Friday was a day full of me actually liking kids.

Okay so here's something I have learned as a missionary: I will never, EVER, cancel an evening appointment on the missionaries unless someone in my family has died. Because let me tell you, trying to find someone to talk to at 8:30 at night SUCKS. these last few nights we have been trying to talk to people but they actually get angry at us because it's so late at night. Ok well you know what any time is a good time to talk about Jesus. Sometimes I forget that people actually have lives and do things that are normal, like sleep at 8:30 at night.
Can't wait until I can do that again <3 13="" months="" more="" p="" people="">

Not too much has happened this week. We found a couple of investigators, but we aren't sure they are emotionally stable so I don't know if we're going back to see them again or not.

We had exchanges Saturday, I went to redbluff with sister Wall and sister Mackay stayed in Corning. Exchanges are pretty much just normal missionary days. No huge miracles happen on exchanges. I prefer leaving the area I'm over so I don't have to worry about anything.
Sister Wall has only been out in the mission for two months. All of the people I've been companions with have been out way longer than me so it was kind of nice to have been out longer than someone.

Sunday was a good/emotional day. I think Sunday's are the days I miss home the most. Sister Mackay and I were asked to speak, and next Sunday I am playing a musical number. Fun right? Well, we both decided to speak on Christmas. During my talk I of course started to cry, haaaa not ok, and then I couldn't stop crying pretty much all day. I miss home. There's nothing else for it. But I feel like I am closer to my savior this time of year because I can't be close to my family.

Also we set up more Christmas trees this week. Heck yeah baby. We're setting up some more this coming week. On a roll man. Woo!

I love you all so very much. I hope you're all doing well, and merry Christmas to all of us. Jesus is the Christ, and without him there is no Christmas. I know that of a surety.  I know my savior lives. I know he loves me. I know he loves you too.


with all my heart and organs,

Sista G.

My Favorite Christmas Picture!!

Scary but Hilarious!

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The tighty wright-ies said...

My daughter just got called to the California Roseville Mission! I was looking through your blog and noticed that your daughter had gone to SVU to EFY in 2013. I asked my daughter if she recognized your daughter and she said, "Hey! Yeah. She was in my group!" It is definitely a small world!