Monday, December 7, 2015

I Was A Wise Man For About Three Hours

Corning does this cute little Christmas event called Hometown Christmas. Some members of our ward put together a live nativity and we volunteered to be two of the wise men. Some nonmembers were apart of it too and we got to talk to them the whole time. They were hilarious and we sat together on bales of hay for a long time making Hebrew jokes and saying Merry Christmas to everyone who passed by us.
It was great. It was nice to be apart of something that helps everyone be reminded of the real reason for Christmas.

This week was filled with visiting a lot of older people. That is fine by me. They have some of the greatest stories to tell, it's amazing.
We picked up a new investigator who is like 70 and is slightly crazy but she wants to learn more about the church. Cool with me lady.

One day while we were waiting for an appointment we decided to go walking around this trailer park to try to talk to some people. We started talking with this old woman named Angela and she invited us to walk with her. We found out she knew everyone in the trailer park and that she was hilarious and super nice. We told her we were missionaries and asked if we could come back to see her. She said she didn't care, because we should all believe in God anyway so it's nice to talk about that. Freaking sweet.

We got to decorate several members trees this week, which kind of helps with the homesickness for me. Decorating my tree at home is one of my highlights at Christmas. I got to decorate three trees this week, which was great. People let us put up decorations and lots of people let us go to town with them. I love all the lights and stuff for Christmas. Its just a cozy holiday.

Friday was a day of service for is basically, we did a bunch of service for some members and I ended up slicing open my finger which exploded in blood and wouldn't stop bleeding for ten minutes but hey, I was serving so if I lost a finger in the process, more blessings for me cause it was in the lords time. (Good news: I didn't lose my finger and the members patched it up for me)

Saturday I got the chance to play for someone's funeral. I realized while I was playing that though I didn't get to play the piano for my grandpas funeral, I could still do it for other people. I still hate funerals, but I'm glad I can share my talent in any way possible.  I got emotional of course, but that's the spirit for ya.

I have been out five months everyone. Five. That's basically almost 6.
Which turns into 7. And eventually makes its way to 8 and 9. So I'm pretty much halfway done technically when you really do the math.
These five months have easily been the longest of my life. I'll be glad when Christmas and New Years are over. Then I can go back to not being as homesick and jealous of everyone who is spending time with their families. I am so excited to skype my family for Christmas btw.
Just saying.

Brianna has decided she no longer wants to meet with us. She is gonna be looking at other churches. She doesn't like ours. Yes that is probably the saddest thing in the world for me right now. Jeez. I guess it's her own salvation.

Sister Mackay is such a great person. She is quiet but she's actually really sassy on the inside. She's got feisty sass. Don't get on her bad side, she doesn't tolerate any nonsense and will eat you alive if you try. It's great. This whole week was fast but great.

I hope you all have seen the new Christmas video by now, if not go to and watch it. I've got it memorized, I've shown it to so many people now holy cow. I am grateful for the birth of the savior and all he has to offer with the atonement. I'm grateful the atonement is real. I love Christmas. I love all of you. You are all my favorite people and I wouldn't want that any other way. I wish you all good tidings. Merry Christmas indeed. Shout out to my mom this week, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, YOU ARE THE GREATEST MOM IN THE WORLD.

Talk to you all soon!


Sister Caroline Elizabeth Ginn

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