Sunday, November 27, 2016

I Gave My Departing Testimony This Week (Heavy Breathing)


We had zone conference this week. At the end of each zone conference,
we have people who are leaving to go home give their departing
testimonies. I was one of those people, since I go home in January.
That was the weirdest thing in the world. I've been using the rest of
this week to come to grips with the fact that truly, my mission is
almost over. But I'm pretty excited about it. I'm excited to see my
family again, and I am excited to apply all the things I've learned
here for the rest of my life.


I've also realized that I will only see president Marston a few more
times before I go home. That's such a sad thought.

This week was pretty kool. One neato thing that happened was sister
Andersen and I were able to contact a whole family who are not
members. They're called the Hubbards, and they are really funny.
There's the mom and dad and two kids. They love missionaries and they
told us we could stop by again whenever we wanted to. Heck yeah.

We also had stake conference this weekend. Elder Lawrence of the
seventh came by to the Chico stake and spoke to everyone. It was so
good, president Marston was there as well and he even gave a talk
about how members and missionaries need to work together. At the end
of conference, president had a bunch of candy in his pocket to give
all the missionaries because he knew we were starving. We were like
vultures swarmed around him eating all his candy. I love that man so

We helped this less active lady move out of our ward boundaries this
week, and we found out she was Wiccan. It was freaking sweet, I had
never met a Wiccan before in my life so o asked her a bunch of
questions about what she believed. I can tell you if I wasn't a member
of the church I'd probably be Wiccan. But the gospel is my life so too


It's so funny, whenever we are at a dinner the adults will say "oh
you've been out 16 months, you're ready to go home!" Ok thank you so
much for constantly pointing that out.

I love you all! Enjoy the pictures. Talk to you soon face to face, everyone!

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