Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hey Ya'll How is Life?

This week was a pretty solid week guys, I don't know about you.

So first off let me tell you how the spirit works in my life. We were
driving to contact this less active who wanted to see the
missionaries, but we could not find her house. It was down a dirt road
and it was getting dark, and in Chico trying to contact people at
night is a horrible idea. We decided to try to find the house later,
when it was light outside. In my head I was thinking about if I should
have gone out of the car and tried a few people, even though it was
dark, when suddenly another name of a person we should see popped into
my kind. It was another less active who we have not been able to see
in two weeks. We stopped in, she was home, and she was a mess. She is
on dialysis three times a week, but for some reason she had skipped
four treatments. Her apartment was in shambles and she was stressed
out. So what do we do? We cleaned her entire kitchen in 45 minutes.
She felt so relieved and was so happy that we had stopped by. I knew
right then that we were not supposed to meet that less active ok the
dirt road white yet. We were supposed to be at this lady's house right
then to help her clean. Everything truly does happen for a reason, and
I  am glad I am in tune with the spirit so it can tell me who we need
to go see.

We also had zone meeting this week, yaaaay. We talked about scriptures
and how we as missionaries need to apply personal scripture study to
our own lives. I've been able to see a huge change in my testimony as
I read the scriptures every day. It's amazing guys. You should try it.
Really. I promise it works.

There's this investigator that we have been working with who is
totally ridiculous. She asks some very deep, doctrinal questions and
has a hard time with baptism. We decided to ask one of the members to
come with us to a lesson, and holy cow the entire atmosphere changed.
The lesson went really well, and it was honestly because of the
presence of a member. That showed me how important it is to try to
have a member present to every lesson. When members become friends
with those we are teaching, that changes EVERYTHING. It's amazing. So
go out with the missionaries and love the people they teach too. It
makes a huge difference.

Sister Andersen is pretty rad. I like her a lot. We sing randomly in
the car and we laugh a lot. It's been a great transfer so far.

Haaaaa I only have 10 weeks left. Stop.

By the way, I love each of you very much.

Saturday night was a lot of fun, the youth of the stake put on a
roadshow! Our recent convert, Breanna, was in it. Our ward had a theme
of despicable me and they did a skit on how the minions could get a
long better through Christ. It was awesome. I have never seen
roadshows before, and it was so much fun to watch each wards different
skit. It made me miss my home ward so much.

As my time grows shorter, all the rest of my friends are going home
too. It's weird guys. It's so weird to think that I actually have a
life after the mission. I'm not totally sure if I am ready for that

Love y'all! Talk to you next week.

Sister Ginn

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