Monday, November 16, 2015

I Tried Tracting Once and it Was Actually Pretty Sucessful

So Thursday we had four appointments and all of them fell through. I had the idea to go tracting, so we did, and it was actually pretty successful. We tried everything to set up these appointments, yet they still all fell through. The lord provided us with two people out of the 12 does we knocked on who were interested. One let us in, and we talked to her for a long time. I know Heavenly Father was blessing us because we were trying. It was a good experience for me to have.
Tracting is one of the last minute things our mission president has asked us to do. But, if we have to do it, we will do it. To everyone reading this, PLEASE GIVE MISSIONARIES REFERRALS. THEN THEY DONT HAVE TO TRACT. k that's out of the way. Love you all.

Tuesday we had a lesson with this investigator named Brianna that we've been meeting with regularly. Ok so I've never had an investigator ever so having someone who actually WANTS to know more about the church is completely mind blowing. She camE to church on Sunday and enjoyed it thoroughly. She's keeping the commitments we've been asking her to keep. Dudes and dudets I've got a golden investigator on my hands. I never thought this would happen to me holy cow thank the lord and all his tender mercies.

We found a new investigator named Evelyn this week. We taught her the whole Restoration and the entire time her eyes were lit up. She agreed with everything we were saying and wants to meet with us again. We're seeing her this Sunday. I am dying and screaming internally. This is actually happening people. The lord puts people in our path who are ready to hear the gospel for sure. So that's two investigators we are teaching. We have in total 6 investigators who are so nice and sweet and interested in baptism. What the freak. Whatever I did in the life previous to this to deserve this many blessings was apparently huge.

Ok so there's this recent convert named Pete Dagorret. He is officially my favorite person I've met on my mission. He's older but he is so funny. I hang out with him every Sunday and we sit and make jokes and just talk. I adore older people.

I got a priesthood blessing from my district leader and his companion on Friday. I am struggling with Sister Duncan (Hines) and her nazi-like attitude, but after that blessing I felt such a comfort. It was amazing. The priesthood is real and I support it 100%. If you ever need a blessing, get one.

The members here in Corning are literally the sweetest people to exist holy crap. They are so kind and nice to me it's ridiculous. I played a special musical number on Sunday, The Restoration Medley, and they ate it up. I don't think I've been in such a grateful ward. Goodness. I'm signing up to do a special musical number in Christmas, because I know for sure I will still be here in Christmas.

The members here sure can cook. Holy cow they are master chefs. We are already signed up to be in two families homes on thanksgiving. Two thanksgiving dinners. Oh that's gonna be amazing.

The missionaries I am serving with are some of the best people. I think that's probably my favorite part of the mission, is getting to be friends with all these missionaries who I never would have met otherwise. These people are my life right now. I love them.

I love you all. This is all I feel like writing today. You are all my favorites. I freaking love you all so much. Pray for me, two more weeks until transfers. I can do this. I think.

Sister Caroline Ginn

It is raining!!!!!!!

Recent converts Emily and Lulu.

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