Monday, November 16, 2015

Zone Conference Was the Bomb and So Is My Mission President

Tuesday was Zone Conference which was amazing because I got to see some missionaries who I served with in Citrus Heights and it's felt like 10 freaking years since I've seen them so it was possibly one of the greatest reunions ever. The feeling you get when you see a missionary that you served with for 12 weeks is basically like the second coming of Christ, just saying. Our zone conference was great, I played the piano and I screwed up MONUMENTALLY on playing our mission song but it's ok because no one heard it since everyone was singing.
The talks and devotionals were great. We talked about planning and how we can make daily and weekly planning a better experience. I hate planning. I hate it. So of course this conference was directed towards my attitude on planning. I'm gonna try my best to not hate planning at least. There's one thing to work on.

I saw the elders and sisters every day this week, which really helped me through the week. I simply love other missionaries. It's just great. I especially love elders. Guys are pretty cool, just saying.
Especially guys with the priesthood.

This week was a rough week. My companion had an emotional breakdown so I was kind of thrown up in the air for a while. But I've learned a lot. I've learned how to bite my tongue when it's not necessary to speak. I've learned just how much the atonement covers in our every day lives. I will never underestimate the power of Jesus Christ and his atonement again after this experience. Sister Duncan is leaving next Tuesday. My mission president has been a huge help through this.
I can tell you that if you ever go on a mission, not every companion you have will be your best friend. That's not the point in missionary work anyway. You learn from each companion. I feel a lot like a babysitter for a 10 year old sometimes. And my mission president knows that. I think I've realized what I was supposed to learn these last six weeks. One more week. There is a possibility I could train which is terrifying.

I like Corning. The people here are incredibly nice. Yeah the ward is small but by small things are great things brought to pass (alma 36:7 in case you want a motivational scripture for your day). The members are really converted. Plus its the middle of nowhere so it's nice to be able to go to a members house when an appointment falls through and talk to them and get to know them better. They are so welcoming of the missionaries. It's unheard of.

I just wanna give a b-day shout out to my dad and my sister Mel. Happy womb exiting day to both of you, daddy you're the best man in my life and you're gonna be 50 in three years, Mel you are one of my best friends and I adore ya, thanks for the encouragement and treating me like a human instead of like I'm some angel since I'm a missionary.

 Side note, missionaries are people too. So treat us like actual people please. Thanks <3 p="">

I went on exchanges with Sister Myers on Saturday which was fabulous.
We had a normal day which was fabulous. I wasn't uncomfortable at all and it was a good day. I love my sister training leader. She is a saint.

I love being a missionary just so you know. I might not know how to deal with an emotionally unstable companion, but I'm figuring out how to be a missionary.

I love you all so very much. Thank you for all the support. I could not do this without you. All of you.

Please keep praying for me. This week is gonna be hard.

Sister Ginn

Caroline adores the Elders because they are like brothers she has never had!

Interesting sign!

Wonderful reunion!!

Forever friends!

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