Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Excitement

Who are these people you ask? Well They decided to dress up like the bishop and his wife. Matt is wearing a bald wig and stuffed his shirt to resemble Gregg's plumpness. Nondi curled her hair and is wearing a long skirt and scarf to try and resemble me. We were stunned when they told us who they were. We laughed and laughed. All of this took place at the trunk or treat chili cookoff that our ward did on Friday night. It was a ton of fun.
What a perfect bee costume for little Kimberly. She fits the role!!

Here are the trick or treaters for this year. We have little Red Riding Hood, Scary Skeleton Grim Reaper mix, Gypsy, and Bumble Bee. I think they love it more than Christmas.


Natalie said...

such creative costumes...kimberly looks so cute a little bee..she is growing up too fast!

Deon said...

Happy Halloween! The kids all look so cute!

Mandy said...

OH, that is funny!! I love the bald head! Thanks for making me laugh today. The girls look great. We'd love for you all to visit again. Miss you...the calling is going well, but I'm missing a counselor and have our presentation next week. Hopefully we'll get that sorted out.

Beth said...

Really fun pictures. I especially like the cotton field.