Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Veterans are Remembered

In honor of our Veterans the youth in our stake had a wonderful service project to put flags at every grave in this Veterans cemetery. There were about 3,000 plots. There was a great turn out for the service project.

This is an LDS Veteran. Notice the Moroni symbol.

This was Melanie's first service project with the youth. She is really growing up to be a beautiful young woman.

Caroline loves service projects. She was very excited to be here for this special project.

Our cousins are in the same stake and the girls are excited to see them at functions
like this one.

I am very grateful to all of the men and women who serve and protect our country. I am especially grateful for our Veterans and those who have died defending our freedom. God bless our country.


Rachel said...

What a great project for your youth to do. And your cotton does look very beautiful, I miss driving through the cotton fields!

Mandy said...

Melanie???In Youth??? Why do they grow up so quickly?! Great service project....Bethany invited my dad to her school Tuesday for a Veteran's Day program. I was surprised he went, but proud of him, too. The Vietnam vets were treated so terribly back then, and I wish we could see them all honored the way they deserve to be for their service.

Sherrie said...

You took some great photos of the service project! Did you know Sister Molgard wrote an article and the church news picked it up? I have only heard wonderful things about the project. I am glad you shared.

PS Greg told John that you guys drive to Myrtle Beach just for a steak? That is awesome, give us call the next time you go:)

Amanda Swafford said...

I found your blog! I love it already.

So fun seeing you at the shower. Thanks for coming!