Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October Moments

I remember showing the cotton last year, but I wanted to post it again because I just love how beautiful it looks. It is about ready to be picked here. October is the month for cotton picking. I just love having a cotton field in my front yard.

Last weekend we went camping at Jordan Lake. It was quite an adventure and lots of fun. You will notice that little Kimberly is not with us for she was entrusted to her grandparents. I did not want to have Kimberly in the woods, cold at night. It was quite cold for mid October and that is the only way I will camp.

Notice the tinfoil at the base of the fire. That is our delicious hobo dinners with real steak and everything. They were very good.

The camp fire was the real hit of the whole trip. It was very large but most importantly it was our main source of heat. That night it got down to 38 degrees.

Kimberly and I decided to make gingerbread families before December this year. I love gingerbread and the smell is delightful. She did such a good job decorating them by herself. She also loved biting the heads off of the cookies.

That is just a few of the Ginn adventures for October. I will be posting our Halloween costumes and fun by next weekend I hope.


Staceroo said...

I love camping too - you can't beat a great campfire! Are you saying you'll only go camping when it's cold or only in the woods?

deana said...

Stacey- I love camping when it is cold because the mosquitoes are not around as well as the other creatures that love hot weather. I love the woods as well.

Mandy said...

I haven't been camping since like, Girls' Camp, maybe? I can't count the time where Brad and I stayed in a camper, right? Looks like fun, and I'm sure that camping with Gregg is filled with luxuries, like an air mattress, heater, etc. ?? (I'm just remembering the Boy Scout camp night stories. :)