Monday, October 3, 2016

I Love Conference

I loved General conference this time around. It was amazing. Honestly it was what I needed to hear, everything was. I loved it. It made me feel so much better about my life as a missionary. I am still on a spiritual high from it. It made me so happy. My favorite talk was the one that talked about being ambitious for Christ. I always need to be ambitious for Christ, no matter if I'm a regular civilian or a missionary. Oh it was wonderful. We all went to the stake center to watch it, and all the missionaries were there. My mom sent me a TON of cinnamon rolls and everyone went to town ok them while we watched conference. My mother is now considered a "homie" in the Chico zone, which is the highest honor one can be bestowed with in the mission culture of the CRM. Thank you mommy, you're the best mom in the world
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This week went by so fast, I had a blast. I am learning more of the area, and I am starting to really know everyone we are teaching. We have SO many less actives, I love it so much. We had lots of gr8 lessons about general conference this week, and it was lovely. We even got some people to watch it! Yeah!

We did a ton of service this week. We volunteer at this homeless shelter here in our area which is awesome and slightly sketchy but I love it. We clean stuff and cook food for homeless people and it makes me really grateful for what I have. We work there Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It's fun.

We also painted a playground this week. A school was redoing there entire playground and they enlisted the lds missionaries to help. That was fun, me and sister Memmott got to channel our inner hipster-art selves and paint stuff. I painted a spring tree and it looks pretty.
See photos below.

We have a 15 year old girl we have been teaching, and she is on date for baptism! Her name is Breanna. Her baptism is this coming Saturday, and sister Memmott and I get to teach the restoration to everyone while she changes clothes after she gets baptized. That will be awesome.

We also had interviews with president Marston this week. My interview was typical, nothing special happened, mostly because it was at 7:30 at night and president Marston was exhausted by then. I don't blame him. I got a picture with him though so that's all that matters haha.

I am so happy to be a missionary guys, you don't even know. I have two transfers left after this one, and I am going to have as much fun as I possibly can preaching the gospel with what time I have left.

Sister Memmott is amazing, I love her so much. I love Chico. We have been having so much fun here being together. The ward is so nice, and they like to feed us so I still eat tons of food all the time.

I love you all, and I love my savior. I know he suffered and died for my sins. He knows me personally. He loves me and knows me by name. He is my best friend. That is all there is to it.

Sister Ginn

1. Look at the perfection that is my companion 2. I painted my face with lipstick and chased sister Memmott around the house with a knife 3. Weekly planning 4. We painted!
5. President Marston is so cute
6. More painting
7. Even more painting
8. The sisters of Chico zone

9. Chico zone sw@g

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