Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Auburn is Like Narnia

This week I have thoroughly enjoyed being here in auburn. It's up in the mountains kind of, it's very hilly and covered in trees. There's nature everywhere. It's green and pretty. Because the elevation being higher than everywhere else, it's cooler here. Deer are everywhere, they just walk across the street like they own it. Cute little animals are all over the place. Im waiting to see a centaur or a unicorn come out from behind a tree. I'm so glad I'm here for the summer.

Anyway, so I'm still double covering two wards, but this is completely different than when I was covering Lincoln 3rd and 6th ward. One ward is called Lake of the Pines and the other is called Alta Sierra. The bishops actually work with us because they know we are covering two wards, and the members don't harass us about choosing what sacrament meeting we go to. People are much slower paced here too, kind of like North Carolina. I like it, I like the feeling here. It's just relaxed.

I LOVE Sister Wall. She's the cutest human being in the world. We both love anime and tv shows and studio ghibli movies and music and we have so much in common. She is from Heber, Utah and she is 5'1. She loves theater and loves to act. She wants to direct plays and movies one day and her secret ambition is to lead the Mormon tabernacle choir. She has so many facial expressions and is hilarious. We get along great.

I've only been here for a week and I already love it here. A good friend of mine, Elder Shepherd, who has been with me since the beginning of my mission, got transferred to Auburn as well. This is his last area. He goes home in August. I'm glad I get to be here too to see one of my mission friends go home.

I've already got a piano gig, I'm playing the piano for the choir in the Alta Sierra ward. The choir director is kind of crazy and shethinks there is nothing more important than choir, but if there's an investigator at church I ain't playing, I'm sitting with my investigator. Sorry crazy choir lady.

I walked into this area and it has investigators and someone on date for baptism. Her name is Danielle. She has lots of anxieties about life and is terrified to be baptized, but she is so determined to do it. Please pray for her, her date is the 13th of June. We are working with tons of less actives here, my favorite kind of missionary work.
And they are coming back to activity! Freak yes!

I do miss Lincoln, and I miss Sister Smith. Lincoln was a great area and I love everyone there so much. I can't wait to come back and visit everyone. I said goodbye to sister Smith on Tuesday. The sister who is replacing me is Sister Cannan, the tallest sister missionary in the mission. I am the shortest sister missionary in the mission.
Coincidence? Nope.

I miss all the missionaries that are still in Lincoln. The relationships you make with people on your missions last a life time.
It's amazing the people we come to love as missionaries. I have loved all my companions. I will be celebrating my year mark soon, and my birthday is June 10th. I'll be 20. Life continues to move forward. I will only have six months left on my mission soon. I'm going to use that time to do what I can here in the California Roseville Mission.

I love you all with all the power and force of my soul!

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Sister Ginn

1.I said goodbye to these kool Katz, I miss them all so much 2. Sister Memmott is the best 23 year old on the planet 3. DO YOU SEE THE HEIGHT DIFFERENCE 4. Goodbye to the best district ever.
5. Sister Wall and I

6. Sister Wall and I again <

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