Monday, April 4, 2016


So guess who is leaving? SISTER MORRISON IS. I am not thrilled about it at all but at the same time I know transfers are God-inspired so it'll be fine whatever happens.
I don't like taking over areas and it stresses me out but I'll get over it. Also I'm now a Sister Training Leader, or STL. STL Ginn. I do nothing as an STL, I just have to go to more meetings.
Oh yeah I'm also a tech missionary now, which means if people have a problem with their iPads they call me and I'm supposed to fix it. I've been junior companion for my entire mission so far and suddenly I have all this responsibility. GOSH DANGIT.

Ok so this week was ok, I am always anxious transfer week. I love Sister Morrison so much, let me tell you. She is amazing. Yes she has her flaws and he's there are things she does that I get irritated with. But you learn to look past those things as companions. You learn to love them for who they are and focus on the good things. We work well together, we get along, and we are already planning what we are going to do after the mission, which I have 9 months left by the way.
What. Sister Morrison is easily one of the best companions I've had so far. I freaking love her so much. I'm gonna miss her guts. My new companion is Sister Smith. I've met her twice and I don't know her from Eve. Should be fun.

Anyway we had a great couple of lessons with some investigators this week. We had a lesson with Judy, one of our progressing investigators.
She really loves what we have to teach and she loves hearing about the church. She's gonna get baptized one day. We also picked up a new investigator last week, her name is Patty. Her husband is a member and she's not, but she does want to be baptized into the church soon. She told us when she feels ready she will be baptized. I don't even care if that means she's ready in five years, I'm taking it. I'm glad I can be a part of her conversion. I love teaching the lessons by the way, the basic missionary lessons. They are so simple and true and there is no way you could over complicate them unless you are a terrible teacher. So don't be a terrible teacher. I just teach from the pamphlets that the missionaries give out. Future missionaries, read the pamphlets. They are so simple it's ridiculous.

Ok so we had the greatest April fools joke of all time pulled on us.
Friday morning we went to plan for the week, and Elder Bernhisel came into the room and told us he had received an email from president Marston that said the whole Lincoln zone had been emailing home during the week and that we need to stop. Elder Bernhisel told us to quit and had to all the whole zone to let them know. So everyone is freaking out and feeling guilty because 90% of the missionaries email home during the week at some point in their mission. We were all repenting and praying for forgiveness. We all went to lunch together and all the missionaries were talking about it. Elder Bernhisel was confused because the email sent to him was from a gmail account, had president Marston's name spelled wrong, and HAD HIS DADS PHONE NUMBER AT THE BOTTOM OF THE EMAIL. COME ON ELDER BERNHISEL HOW DID YOU NOT CATCH THAT. So yes we all got called to repentance by elder Bernhisel's dad.
The funny part was elder Bernhisel forwarded the email to president Marston because he saw it was from a gmail account. So president mar song knew about the whole thing. All pranks after this one will suck.
That was amazing. I've eve laughed so hard in my life. Elder Bernhisel was just ticked for the rest of the day. We will never let him live that down.

General conference was great. We watched all the sessions at the church with all the other missionaries. This is my second conference in the mission. One more left before I go home. I think Elder Hollands talk blew everyone out of the water. What a perfect way to end general conference. President Monson looks so frail, oh my gosh. He is amazing. I am so glad he was able to speak, even if it was only for a few minutes. The thing I got from conference was that we need to remember the savior daily and draw closer to him as much as possible.
I love how simple the talks were. I can't wait to read over them all again. When President Utchdorf started to speak, I turned to Sister Singer and said "get ready to hear spotless about planes" AND NOT EVEN

After the Sunday afternoon session of conference we went to the elders apartment with he entire Lincoln zone and ate ice cream the AP's had.
We of course sat outside the door. It was a nice way to end general conference.

Sister Morrison wanted to say bye to our black investigator, Tito. We went over to his house and there were about 50 cars lined up all in front of his house. They were having a huge house party and everyone was black. I have never seen so many black people all at once in California. It was amazing. They had all sorts of African foods and most of the people there were either from Liberia or Nigeria. They were so nice to us. We were some of the only white people in the room.
It was hilarious. Everyone was dancing to African music and having the best time of their lives. They were so happy. I want to be as happy as African people. That's my new goal in life.

I am sad that sister morrison is leaving, there are only two missionaries leaving our zone. It won't be the same without sister morrison. We saw president Marston on Sunday, he came to a session of conference with us. Both Sister Morrison and I had emailed him and told him we wanted her to stay. So of course he blatantly ignores our email and does what he wants like usual. He told us "You both will be fine." And I believe him. It will be ok. That's a mission for you.

I love you all so much. Thank you for the prayers and constant encouragement. I would probably die if I didn't have you guys in my life.
Have a good week! Enjoy April! It's starting to get hot here in California. I'm gonna melt into a puddle if it was as hot as last summer.

I am glad to be a missionary right now. I'm glad to be in Lincoln.
Thank God for life.

Sister Ginn

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