Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter in Lincoln


March is almost over.

Transfers are next week. This was a seven week transfer. If Sister Morrison leaves I'm gonna cry.

This week was definitely not the most eventful week of my mission. We had a lot of people cancel on us because people have lives and enjoyed their spring break. I forget that most normal citizens actually have things to do. We went tracting a  ton and we shared the Easter video with a lot of people. Most of the people we tracted into we're pretty nice. We did get shooed away from one lady's house, she didn't even open the door she just waved us away like dogs from her window.
Guess what random lady, God saw that and you will be judged for that in the last day <3 amazing="" anyway="" are="" between="" dinners="" feed="" food.="" fun="" had="" have="" like="" members="" much="" p="" really="" sisters.="" so="" some="" the="" they="" this="" times="" too.="" two="" us="" wards="" we="" week.="" with="">
There's one particular family, an older couple, that we really like.
They are the Smith Family. Sister and brother smith are both converts.
Sister smith used to be a fortune teller and she still has all her tarot cards and her crystal ball, so when we go over there she tells our fortunes. She has no idea how to use any of the stuff so she just makes it up. It's hilarious. Her husband is really smart and he knows so many history stories so we just sit and eat and listen to him talk.
We go over there a lot for dinner, when someone cancels we call them.
Members are amazing.

Every Wednesday is District Meeting. We talked mostly about the savior and his atonement this time, and at the end we all shared our testimonies of the atonement and what it means to us personally. I cannot be serving around any finer missionaries then the ones in my district/zone right now. We probably have the best zone in the mission, hands down. I don't know how long it's going to last, but I have thoroughly enjoyed serving around Elders Bernhisel, Bergener, Sampson, and Argyle. The sisters here too are great people. I love being a missionary.

Friday morning we were able to go the temple! I got permission from president Marston to go, and we went with our ward mission leader and his wife. I have not been to the temple since September. I had kind of forgotten the feelings we get when we enter the temple. It was so refreshing to be back there again. When I come home I will make it a point to go once a week, no matter where I am or how busy my schedule is. We need to be a temple going people. It makes us a better person every time we go. It was so nice to go with sister Morrison. Sitting in the celestial room with her was great. We said a prayer before we left and we really just felt love and warmth and all the gooey emotional things that come with feeling the spirit. I love her so much, she has become one of my very best friends.

Sunday was a great day, it was Easter first off and two of our main investigators we have been working with were able to come to church.
Tito came and he stayed all three hours, it was awesome. We talked about the atonement and how it has changed human history forever and ever. I know the savior did that for us. I know he has conquered death so that we can return once again to love with our Heavenly Father. I know he loves all of us. He is my savior. He is my friend. He is my brother, and I would not trade the relationship I have with him for anything. Missions are great. They teach you so much about yourself that you never even knew.

The General Women's Broadcast was amazing. The theme I got from this one was to love and serve others to the best of our abilities.
Sometimes I find myself giving people way too many chances in my life.
I think of that as a weakness, but after hearing about how we need to give place to the people who are alone or rejected, I don't feel that way anymore. I'm compassionate for a reason. I will do my best to give people as many chances they need in order for them to change their life and be better. I will never give up on anyone in my life.

FYI for people serving or thinking about serving missions: you definitely do not teach 17 lessons a day. Sometimes you teach zero lessons a day. Sometimes you find no new investigators in a whole week. Sometimes you get the door slammed in your face constantly. You are told you are wrong. You are told that the Mormon religion is a cult. You are told you're stupid because you don't watch the news, all you do is serve the lord. Make a point right now to not care what anyone thinks. Care about what God thinks. Also, READ PREACH MY GOSPEL. It's got good stuff in it.

Oh yeah so general conference is coming up and I am SO PUMPED. I can't wait for it. After this conference, I will only have one more left until I'm home.

I'm getting better at life in general everyone. I'm getting better at talking to people, at small talk, at being nice to everyone, I'm getting better at so many things. I've almost been 9 months out. That is disgusting. Wasn't I just at the Mtc yesterday crying from homesickness and hating society?

I love you all and I hope your Easter was good. You are all in my prayers. I adore each and every one of you to pieces.

With oodles of love,

Sister Ginn

Sacramento Temple

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