Tuesday, October 20, 2015

So I am In Corning Now and It is Dry and Brown

Caroline and Sister Duncan

Beautiful but dry!

Cool Investigator
If everyone can pray to send some rain to California, it would be much

Because holy cow, everything is so dead.

I moved to Corning Tuesday, I got a ride from a member, and an
investigator from Corning actually took me all the way there. It's
about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Citrus Heights. I loved Citrus
Heights  So much. The Tempo Park ward was the best ward to start in. I
loved my zone, I loved the members, and I loved Sister Hodge. I cried
when I left her. Greatest 12 weeks of my life with the best trainer in
the California Roseville mission. If you think otherwise, there's the
door. I'm not great at goodbyes, but I know I'll
see her and everyone else again which made it easier to cope with.

Corning is much like Benson. There's nothing here and there's lots of
cows and horses. It's actually really pretty if you can ignore the
fact that the fields are completely void of life and have this hideous
brown and black color. I live in a house that owns a lot of land and
there's a swing set on it. You can see all the stars at night because
there are no street lights. Plus there's silence. Enough said. My new
companion is Sister Duncan, who is also from Utah. I call her Duncan
Hines. She's been out four months and I've been out three. She's
really sweet. She likes to tease me that I'm still a greenie and she
isn't since she's been out longer, and it was funny maybe the first
few times. :)

We got a referral Wednesday, and we went and followed up on it Friday.
Turns out this referral was a woman named Brianna who moved here from
Alaska. She is so  sweet oh my gosh. She wants to learn more
about the church, apparently she has had tons of contact with the
church and she wants to have a connection with Jesus. She even already
had a Book of Mormon and had started reading it. THIS NEVER HAPPENS
like screaming.

I've already made some really good relationships with the members
here. It's a small ward, and there's only one ward in Corning. It's an
older ward, which is great because I adore senior citizens. I dyed my
hair red a few weeks ago and everyone thinks I'm a real ginger. A lot
of the Relief Society calls me "the cute red-head." I'm not telling
anyone it's fake. Everyone is somehow related and it's hilarious, they
all fight like a giant family and they are actually a giant family.
They think it's awesome that I'm from NC and not Utah. They about had
a cow when I told them I could play the piano and the organ. Yeah I'm
gonna like it here.

There was an actual thunderstorm Sunday night and it was awesome. We
were at a members house and the heavens just exploded. Oh it was
gorgeous. I miss storms so much.

I finished the book of Mormon and can I just say, it works, when you
read it you feel so much peace. Seriously you should try it. I started
reading the New Testament just cause it's gonna be Christmas soon so
why not? Plus I want to understand the life of Christ more. He is the
reason for everything we can do. The least I can do is follow him and
learn about his life and ministry.

I love you all so much. Your prayers are felt, when I'm having a rough
day and I don't even feel like standing anymore I feel a constant
strength coming from somewhere. I know it's all of you. So thanks. I
can promise you I'm doing the best I know how. You're prayers are not
being wasted.

With as much love as my tiny body can muster,
Sister Caroline Ginn

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