Tuesday, October 13, 2015

So I Am Getting Transfered To Corning California

Transfers are this week and guess who is leaving? Me. Sister Hodge is staying but is switching to the Citrus Heights Ward instead of Tempo Park.

The absolute raw emotion that comes with this is life-destroying, let me tell you. I have spent 12 weeks of my life in Citrus Heights forcing myself out of my comfort zone to talk to people and form relationships with people. Towards my last three weeks here I've finally felt some kind of family connection with the missionaries I am serving with. Now that all of that has finally happened I am leaving.
I've loved and lived with sister Hodge for 12 weeks, 24/7' day and night, and now I'm leaving. This will be her final six weeks before she goes home to Logan Utah. The chances of me seeing her again are pretty slim. When you get too comfortable with an area you leave.
That's life and it stinks. No doubt about it.

I had to say goodbye to a lot of members on Sunday which was just sad.
I cried a lot. I didn't realize the love I had for them until I said bye. I didn't realize a lot of things until I got the call I was leaving. I am leaving Tuesday to go up north to a place called Corning, and my new companion is Sister Duncan. I know no one where I'm going so I have to start all over again. Not looking forward to that, but whatever happens happens. I don't know anything about Sister Duncan and I don't want to. I prefer to go in blind so I don't have any assumptions.

Thursday I went on exchanges and passed out my very first Book of Mormon as a missionary to one of our investigators. Her name is Dominique and she hasn't been home for a while. I had sister Harper with me, my sister training leader, and I decided to go see her. We talked to her for over an hour about the gospel and I felt prompted to give her a Book of Mormon. So I did. As she held the book she said "I feel power in this. I feel like there's a hand on my shoulder telling me to read this book." Of course I'm dying internally because that NEVER HAPPENS so I just smiled and told her how it would bless her life. That happened.

I was sick earlier in the week, throwing up sick, and I asked my zone leaders to give me a blessing. I felt so much better the next day. I love the priesthood, I know it works, and I love my zone leaders. I'm gonna miss them dearly. Elder Shepherd and Elder Jensen were my first zone leaders and I seriously doubt anyone could compare to them.

I'm done with training. Now people can stop calling me a greenie :)

I love you all dearly. These last three days have been a roller coaster of a ride. I've been angry, sad, happy, and dead inside all at one time. Most of the people in my zone now have only been out about a year, so there's a good chance I will serve around them again. That's a comforting thought. Heavenly Father has been with me this whole time holding my hand. He has never left me once. I know I'm not alone. I'm sad, but I'm not alone. That's what makes the difference. I've learned how to make relationships with people and how to be a missionary so I think I can do this who knows I'll find out Tuesday.

Ok I'm done. I don't feel like typing anymore. I love you all so much and there is no way I could do this without the constant love I feel from you. Your prayers keep me up, otherwise I'd have quit and gone home probably.

With all the love I can possibly muster, Sister Caroline Ginn

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