Sunday, October 3, 2010

Once Again A Wonderful Conference Weekend!

How I love relaxing and feeling the spirit in my own home on Conference weekend. We watched every session and Gregg got in the extra Priesthood session. I heard a common theme one of many that stood out to me. Gratitude! We do take things for granted and we need to refocus on what is really important. In the first session on Saturday Elder Holland once again gave the most amazing talk. His words hit home with me. I did love hearing from the First Presidency also. In the second session on Sunday Elder Arnold's talk was so heart felt and personal. It touched my very soul. President Monson's talk in the second session on Sunday was uplifting and wonderful. How can one not want to follow such a dedicated wonderful prophet.I will definately be rereading and marking my November issue of the Ensign. It is weekends like these I wish would go on and on. I am grateful for General Conference.

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