Friday, September 17, 2010

Can I Be Any Busier???

Wow what a month so far. Well, seminary seems to be going quite well. I picked up a new student on Monday giving me a grand total of 4. I love the small class of students. They have to pay attention or they will stick out like a worm in an apple. I am struggling with the early morning part. I do seem to get more done in a day. I have to do two things for myself each day one is exercise and the other is to take a small nap. So far the nap isn't as frequent as I would like. I cannot beleive the amount of studying that goes into each lesson.

I am also still in Young Women's. It hasn't been too bad though. I was told by my husband that I would be released soon. It will be very sad because I have grown very close to those sweet young ladies.

On September 19th this Sunday I was asked by President Catlett our Stake President to speak in the Sunday session of Stake Conference. I have worked hard to put together a 15 minute talk. That doesn't seem like a long time but I have to condensed everything I want to say into that time period. I have never spoken in front of a congregation that large before. I can say that I am a bit nervous but I know I will get through it with lots of prayer. My talk will be on how temple worship has blessed me and my family especially in dealing with the trials of mortality.

And lastly, Caroline decided that High School was not for her. She was so excited about being in High School until she actually experienced it for herself. Not even a week after starting she wanted to be homeschooled again. She told us that she had prayed about it and she knew that this was the right thing. She said that drugs and the mention of drugs were all around her. There are many girls there that are also preganat. How do you prepare your child for such a place. Caroline did not have very many friends there because of moving here a couple of years ago. So anyways, she is being enrolled in some BYU High School courses. As for the band she would much rather play the piano than the drums. Hopefully soon we will find her a great piano teacher.

Along with keeping up with Kimberly, Hannah, Melanie and Gregg my plate remains full more so than ever. I would not trade my life with anyone. I know that this is my calling in life and I will try to be ready for life's challenges. HAPPY FALL YA'LL!!!


Mandy said...

Hey, busy lady! Good luck with your talk and homeschooling and seminary, definitely are busy. You'll do great with all of it, I'm sure. It was great to see Gregg and the Ginn men last week. I hope they enjoyed it as much as they seemed to. Love and miss ya!

Beth said...

Loved your talk on sunday. It was a great conference. We need to have you guys over now that the summer is done. I'll call you soon.

Staceroo said...

Holy Smokes, you are crazy busy! I bet you are an awesome seminary teacher and that's great that you get to teach in your own home. And I think you're raising a wonderful family who want to be separate from the temptations in the world. Just keep on taking them naps - you've earned them!