Monday, February 1, 2010

Hallelujah It Finally Snowed!!!

I took a spin on the old sled. Gregg wanted to go fast but I was chicken. That is the sled that I used when I was a kid.
Kimberly is with her little snowman friend who will be gone by tomorrow. She is quite proud of her first snowman.

Hannah had the bright idea that maybe Kimberly could pull her on the sled. Not happening Hannah! Kimberly tried but it would not budge.

Caroline zooming around on the sled with her neon green hat.

Melanie's turn and Grandpa helped out.

Hannah had to get on her belly so she could hold on extra tight.

Grandpa got out the boogie boards to use on the slippery snow/ice. It worked pretty well.

Kimberly was super excited about the big snow event. She was in it all three days.
Well, we wanted this snow and we sure got it. There is nothing better than a couple of days of no church, no school, or no work. There is also lots of hot chocolate and movies galore. It doesn't happen a whole lot here in North Carolina but we sure love it when it does. As TRUE BLUE SOUTHERNERS we may not know how to drive in it but we sure know how to have fun in it. THANK GOODNESS FOR SNOW DAYS!


Mandy said...

Yeah for NC snow! I always loved to see snow when we lived there...reminded me of home. We were only supposed to get an inch, but ended up with 6! It was B's birthday party day, so family was driving in on the nasty roads, but it all turned out and was fun. I'm so glad your girls got their turn for snow fun!! Miss you!

Staceroo said...

I absolutely love that you took a turn on the sled too - go Deana!

Megan said...

I love Kimberly's snowman! It's just her size!

Rachel said...

What fun, I remember those snow days in NC, similar to here in washington where everything shuts down and you stay home. They are magical!