Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sign of the Times

The recent disaster in Haiti has really upset my children as well as myself. With all of the gruesome images on the news and media attention that Haiti has received it is hard for the kids not to see any of it. I had a heart to heart talk with them the other night and told them that more and more they will see these type of things happen. I told them that we are in the last days and we must be prepared for we do not know when our time will come. What is so hard for them is to know that innocent children have perished or have lost parents, brothers, and sisters. I told them that Heavenly Father has taken care of all His children in times like these. Those little spirits are safe now and do not have to be exposed to such bad surroundings any more. That made them feel a little better. Hannah wants to give all of her $15.00 to Haiti to help those in need. She brought a tear to my eye with her selflessness. I feel indeed blessed to live in a thriving, free country and most of all to have the gospel in my life. Knowledge of what happens when we leave this earth makes all of the difference. We are all praying for the survivors of this terrible disaster, that those who are there to help will be able to get the supplies to those who are in need. It really puts things into perspective.


Melissa said...

Ohhh...what a sweet thing Hannah said!!! No wonder we are to become as little children. You are so right, gospel perspective is such a blessing!!!

Staceroo said...

You are awesome to use a teaching moment like this to talk to your kids and strengthen their faith. I also see through this how the Lord works in mysterious ways. Chris saw in a church news article that 200,000 orphans are coming to the United States and that some of them are going to be available for adoption through LDS social services. My sister and brother-in-law are looking into that as they've been trying to have a baby for the past four years. I mean, how amazing would it be for some of those children to get to grow up with the gospel and be sealed in the temple? I just think that we never really know how the Lord can bring blessings out of even the worst circumstances.

Rachel said...

Your children are very sweet. After family prayers my kids were asking a lot of questions too. What great examples they are to us!