Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hannah's 8 Today!

Well, we have yet another baptism to plan. Hannah is finally 8 and she is so excited. We are doing her baptism on Saturday at 10 AM. Caroline is playing the piano and Melanie is leading the music. Gregg is giving the talk on baptism and I am doing the talk on the Holy Ghost. Everyone is involved but Kimberly. I will have baptism pictures soon. We are so very proud of Hannah for wanting to be baptized and recieve the Holy Ghost.


Tricia said...

Oh, wow! I can hardly believe it although Emma will be seven in February. That's amazing. Congrats to her and you all.

Deon said...

That's wonderful! I hope that you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas! Miss you.

Mandy said...

We hope you had a great birthday, Hannah! We miss you!