Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome Home Caroline

The girls worked very hard to create this for Caroline. They missed their big Sis. and she missed them. My mom kept everyone while Gregg and I were away. We really appreciate her so much.
Caroline was dressed and ready to go home. We were very impressed with the UNC Children's Hospital. Everyone was wonderful and we knew that we had the best care possible for Caroline. Once again, thanks for the prayers on her behalf. We know they helped.

The nurses in the recovery room tied a cute Christmas ribbon around Caroline's cast. It did brighten the mood despite the terrible pain she was in.


The Coles said...

We will pray for a speedy recovery! I am glad things went well at the hospital.

Jennifer Knight said...

Tell Caroline we missed her today...especially her beautiful prelude music. We did Silent Night a capella, which was still beautiful, but would have been better with her. I hope she will be able to be there next Sunday!

Rachel said...

I'm sure you're happy to have all your girls home together. We will pray for a speedy recovery for Caroline. Merry Christmas!

Mandy said...

What sweet sisters, and your mom is definitely a blessing. We're glad that you have UNC nearby.