Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Surgery For Caroline

This is one of many cast that Caroline has adored her left foot. Right now she has a black one. The surgeon is stretching soft tissue and tendons hoping the correct as much of her foot as possible before he does surgery on December 9th (my birthday). We are going to UNC Chapel Hill Hospitals for all of this wonderful stuff. I am extremely greatful for such a great doctor who seems to know exactly what he is doing. We are hopeful that everything will be corrected. We will definately be fasting and praying on her behalf.


Mandy said...

Ahhhh - Caroline is so brave. I know you guys are glad to be moving forward with the surgery, but I know you must be nervous, too. We will definitely pray for Caroline...and for you guys and the doctor.

Christi Graham said...

We love and will be forever grateful to the doctors at UNC Chapel Hill, for saving Andrew's life. I am glad you have such good doctors there too. I hope things go well for Caroline. You all are in our thoughts and prayers