Monday, October 17, 2016

Hello World

So life here in Chico is better than ever, we had a great week full of talking to people and living the mission lyfe.

Allow me to share some of the highlights.

This week we decided to take some chalk and write nice messages on a sidewalk at a park. It was actually really fun, we drew the plan of salvation, and just talked to people who walked by. We gots lots of compliments, and what was really cool was that we ended up meeting our next door neighbor at the park. He recognized us and we talked for a while. We're gonna make him cookies and pretend they were left over from a party so it's less weird.

We taught about 12 lessons this week which is one of the highest numbers I've had in a long time. Shoot dang. We saw a ton of people.

We did a ton of service too. So here's a story I'm probably never going to forget: we get a call from our stake president telling us this nonmember family is moving in to our ward and they need missionaries to help unpack. Ok, we can do that. I call some elders and we go over the next day to help this family unpack. Literally four hours later after we help them out and switch contact info, the mom if the family calls us and says they are being kicked out and they have to go to Arizona. Oh yeah, so they had just spent 3 days traveling to California from Arkansas. So we call even more elders and go back the next day to help them pack up and move. The whole time the family was super emotional and they kept telling us how kind we were and how as soon as they got to Arizona they are going to look up the lds church and go. Well I hope they get baptized. So that's just one example of how quickly things change when you're a missionary. We are so heavily involved in people's lives, and then in two seconds they're gone. Ok.

I learned how to split wood this week, there's a member who owns a firewood business and asks the missionaries to come help him split woods every other week. He has this GIANT log splitter and it's awesome to see it totally crush huge tree stumps.

Also, it poured rain this week. Praise.

What else happened? Oh yeah, we had another zone meeting this week.
Our topic for this month's training is Joseph smith and the restoration. We all went into separate rooms with just our companions and we recited the first vision to eachother. That is so powerful. I know that Joseph smith truly saw god the father and his son Jesus Christ. Without him, there would be no gospel. We would not be here, and the world would be an even more miserable place.

I also went on exchanges this week, that was fun. I went with sister Sorensen and I took over the area. I only got lost once, freak yeah.
I'm doing great.

I am myself. I like myself. I don't change for anyone or anything. I like who I am and god does too. My mission is turning me into what I'm supposed to be.

I love you all.

Stay sweet.

Sister Ginn

1. We go to Buffalo Wild Wings every Tuesday for lunch as a zone 2. Art 3. More art 4. A member made us cake 5. Zone meeting 6. Moving stuff 7. Exchanges!
8. We found a stump in the rain
9. I love rain

10. I'm so basic haha

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