Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Interviews with PMarz and Pioneer Day

I ate an entire box of dory shaped Kraft mac and cheese by myself for dinner once this week. I didn't even take it out of the pot to eat it.
It was wonderful.

We had interviews with President Marston this week. Woohoo! I love having interviews. My interview this time went really well. We talked about how after this transfer, I only have four left. We both decided that I will be staying in auburn one more transfer, and then I will leave and go somewhere else to train. Wherever that place is, I will die there most likely. In case you don't know that terminology, dying on the mission means you finish your mission somewhere. Don't worry I'm not actually dying in real life. I hope.

This week was another slow week, haha I feel like nothing can top the excitement that was last week. It's ok, weeks rise and fall all the time with missionary work. What matters is your attitude towards it and how you react to it. So I choose to stay positive and make fun in every situation. I have seriously learned to make any kind of thing fun while being a missionary. I even enjoy teaching kids now. That's happened.

There are now two weeks left of this transfer. Each companionship is getting a new companion after this one in the auburn zone. Wow that was fast.

Again, not much happened this week. I found out sister wall will be leaving for sure, which makes me sad. Transfers are August 9th. It's been so fast, I can't believe it.

Again, not much happened this week. We did go on exchanges on Saturday, and I got to be with sister Mackay again! I was her companion in Corning. Being reunited with her was fun, we talked about some of our favorite families there most of the time. Good times, good memories.

We had Pioneer Day on Saturday, all the missionaries came to help. It was so much fun. The sisters and I ran the snowcone machine. There was a huge dance party afterwards and they played Dancing Queen so you know I partied hard. There was a hula learning class and I learned how to hula dance. I got a homemade lei, my zone leader elder Kirby did it with me too. And so did sister rosa. We had a blast. They also had chicken legs for dinner and I showed people how I eat the bones. Most of the people thought it was pretty cool.

That's about it, I know it's short but that's what happened!

I love you all a lot. You're all my favorite people. Have a great week!


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