Saturday, July 9, 2016

I Feel That Most Missionaries are Screaming Internally All of the Time

Hello one and all. Something I have pondered this week is what it means to be a missionary. We talk to literally any human we see, despite the anxiety and fears we feel. Hence my subject line.


HAPPY AMERICA DAY, YAYYYYY. We have to be in by 7 pm tonight which is fine by me, I'll be sleeping like a rock by 7:30. I'll see fireworks next year. Sleep is far more important to me.

This week was kind of slow, everyone is either on vacation at this point in the summer or sleeping the entire day. We knocked a lot of doors this week and our usual appointments all cancelled. Go figure.
Not too much happened, it wasn't the greatest week. That happens sometimes. Life goes on.

Something really interesting did happen on Wednesday though. We had dinner at a members house, and this member invited her nonmember friend to eat with us. This friend did not want to have a gospel conversation, so we were just chill and casual. We had a good time, she was nice, we talked to her a bit, it was great. We didn't think anything of it. On Sunday that member told us that her friend had said we made a huge impression on her and said she felt like she really connected with us. Holy cow that made us smile. We will be having dinner again over there pretty soon. I'll keep you posted. Her name is Marcy and she is already a perfect Mormon.

Tuesday was transfer day, and since I am a tech missionary I went down to the mission office to set up iPads. Literally everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. We were there for four hours trying to fix all the problems. Sister wall went on exchanges with someone in Roseville so she wouldn't be stuck there all day. There's a group of tech missionaries, and sister Morrison is one of them <3 a="" as="" best="" day="" friends.="" friends="" got="" greatest="" her="" i="" is="" life="" lot="" love="" make="" mission.="" morrison.="" much="" my="" of="" on="" one="" p="" plus="" see="" she="" side="" singer="" sister="" so="" some="" spend="" the="" to="" too.="" was="" well="" with="" you="" your="">

Friday was Canada Day, and one of our zone leaders is Canadian so sister wall and I decided to make a big deal out of it. We color coordinated our outfits to match the Canada flag and we got our zone leader maple syrup. It was fun, we made waffles for all the missionaries for lunch and everyone ate maple syrup. Happy Canada Day to one and all. I will never again in my life celebrate it probably.

Friday night we had a dinner with a part member family. The mom is the member, the dad is not. And he is SO not interested. At all. The mom however has been sliding in little bits of spiritualness here and there for like the past 8 years of their marriage. She told us how she is slowly trying to subliminally convert him and I think it's hilarious. You go Sister Davis.

One of the coolest elders ever got transferred out of our zone on Tuesday. You honestly don't realize how much of a difference a missionary makes in your zone until they leave. His name is Elder Behr and once he left I felt a change in our whole district. Appreciate what you have people, it can be ripped away from you any second, and in my case in six weeks. I also said goodbye to one of the most influential elders in my whole mission, Elder Willis. He went home. I only cried for fifteen minutes. Maybe fifteen and a half. Elders are my favorite part of the mission, let me tell you. They are all so amazing and like my brothers. Ugh I love them all so much.

That's probs about it, like I said not too much to report. I love sister wall, we laugh so much every day at the dumbest things. We've been making American jokes nonstop and it's getting slightly out of hand but we don't care. There's an elder in our mission from The United Kingdom that we are going to call today and tell him that we won and it sucks to suck. We are such a good companionship <3 p="">

I love you all. The church is so true. I know it is, otherwise I would not be here. If you're ever sad or upset, go read the Book of Mormon.
It helps. I promise you all that.



1. This is elder Behr. He is the happiest person I've ever met in my life.
2. Me and Sister Carlisle, who is also a tech missionary 3. Sister Morrison is bae 4. Happy Canada Day, we found a real Canadian to celebrate. Even Jesus is celebrating Canada Day 5. Proud to be an American 6. WE FOUND RAINBOW ROAD (Mar

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