Monday, February 15, 2016

Two Exchanges This Week

So yes I went on two exchanges, and not that they weren't fun or anything, but I'm done with exchanges until next transfer.

This week went by so fast. Where is the time going? The highlight of my week was we had interviews with President Marston. Let me tell you a bit about our interview.

We were supposed to come up with a goal and a scripture to back up that goal that we wanted to accomplish in the next six months. My goal was to be more confident in myself and to have more charity and love to everyone I meet, even if I don't know them. I want to be more bold, but loving at the same time. My scripture was Isaiah 41:10 (go look it up). President Marston told me that as I develop this goal, I will be better prepared to train and be a sister training leader. He told me I was staying in Lincoln for a while, and he hinted that I might train here soon. Sister Morrison and I are staying together another transfer. President likes to tell everyone what is happening next transfer. We also discussed some things I've been struggling with and he told me to "stand tall in the gospel and it'll be fine." I love him so much, he is the greatest man in the universe. I am so grateful to be here with President Marston. We visited for over an hour. He loves talking to the missionaries.

I went on an exchange with Sister Trease, another sister in Loomis which is right next to Lincoln. She is exactly my height except she's cuter. I love her. We had a lot of fun. I got to drive around my area and get to know it better, so I am not as lost anymore. I like Lincoln because it's small. I love small areas.

Ok so here is the best news I've heard my entire mission: When I was in Tempo Park with Sister Hodge, we found this investigator named Dominique. We talked to her several times, and I gave her a Book of Mormon and challenged her to read it. That was the first Book of Mormon I've ever given away. So fast forward 17 weeks from when I left. I went on an exchange with someone named Sister Taylor, who is currently serving in the tempo park ward. We came out together. She tells me that Dominique is meeting and taking the discussions with the sisters AND SHE REMEMBERS ME AND TALKS ABOUT ME ALL THE TIME. WHAT.
THE. FREAK. I almost died I was so happy. She apparently loves what the sisters are teaching her and she is progressing towards getting baptized. I'm gonna cry. I never hear about the fruits of my labors.
Hearing this proves that serving a mission is worth it. Got that? It's worth it people. SISTER HODGE IF YOU ARE READING THIS GUESS WHAT, WE AREN'T FAILURES IN TEMPO PARK.

We had district meeting this week,  and three of the missionaries go home in a week. They talked about their missions and shared their favorite memory with us about their missions. It was interesting to hear their experiences. It made me realize that's gonna be me in less than a year now. I hit my 7 month mark today. 11 to go. So I better make the best of the time I've got left, cause I only got one shot at this 18 months thing and I can't screw it up.

Sister Morrison and I get along swimmingly. We're really sarcastic to each other and we pull pranks on each other all the time. An elder gave me a nerf gun so I shoot it at her all the time. I've made her fear coming out of the bathroom now and it's great.

We've been working with this less active family called the Morrill family who are all so amazing. The moms name is Briyl and she is single and takes care of her six kids all by herself. She was baptized at 8 and knows nothing about the church and only one of her kids is baptized. We had a family home evening with them at a members house and it was a miracle because that is the first church related thing we could get the family to do since Briyl was baptized. Tender mercies exist and always tell the lord how grateful you are for them.

The church is true. I know it is. Reading scriptures every day really puts a new perspective into your life. It's enlightening.

I hope you all have a good week. Make sure to smile at people, cause that really makes a difference.

Also I hate meetings.


Sister Ginn

Caroline and Sister Trease did exchanges this week together

Did exchanges with all of these sisters

Super smily

The district in Lincoln before transfers

Hello my name is Sister Scary!!!!

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